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in. The feeling of not knowing what t o do with my life is very familiar. Then finally — finally! Look at something you struggle with, overcome that struggle, then help others do the same. But, I digress. This article is really all about showing you a step-by-step process for figuring out what to do with your life. Again, check yourself. So, my friend, are you willing to let go of your limiting stories and excuses about why you cannot possibly know what you want to do, and open yourself to the prospect that somewhere within you, clarity already exists? I hope you answered yes. There are many right options for you and your life — stop being so monogamous when it comes to your choices, and start welcoming in career and life polyamory!

Life is a process of guessing and checking. Want to check in deeper on your mindset and the ways it may be limiting you? I challenge you to sit with pen and paper, turn off distractions, and really give yourself the space to reflect on these questions. The goal here is not to get rid of the fears and self-doubts. Dodging the fears and self-doubts altogether is not an option: No one creates the kind of life they want without acting despite the shit ton of fears and self-doubts they have myself included. To live a fulfilled life is to live a coherent life, where who you are, what you believe in, and how you spend your time all align.

There are a few different sub-steps to help you do so:. To help you get clear on your unique strengths, I wrote a separate article on how to figure out Who wants to fk right now strengths. You choose how you define your values. Write out the experience and what you loved about it.

For example, if the experience that comes to mind for you is hiking by yourself in Thailand, some of the values might be independence, travel, adventure, and freedom. Once you have your list of values, rank them until you get it down to your top 3—5. You may also want to do this exercise to get clear on your values related specifically to work.

By identifying challenge and opportunity areas, you are identifying where there is potential to add value because adding value is an essential component of a viable and meaningful career. When it comes to health, some of the challenges you identify might be obesity, diabetes, low energy, anxiety, and depression. Some of the opportunities might be public health education, functional medicine, supplements, or cleaner diets. Remember, the main goal is to start thinking about how you can align what you do with what you believe in and who you are.

Could you ever know you love working on teams, without actually working on a team first? Could you ever know you hate working in open office spaces, without actually working in an open Who wants to fk right now first and realizing how hard it is to get any work done?

Yes, some actions will be more supportive than others, but even ing up for a salsa dancing class when you want to start a business could be how you end up meeting your business partner! That being said, here are some reflection questions to guide you in taking the actions that are most coherent for you:. Be specific with exactly what you will do and by when. So guess what? Check your mindset, reflect on who you are and what you believe in, then take some more action.

Continue to rinse, repeat and refine this process as you get to know yourself and love your life more over time although a warning against expecting this process to be linear — life is messy, so prepare for some upside-down, backward, topsy turvy-ness along the way.

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I acknowledge you for making it this far, my dear reader. I also want to acknowledge that not everyone has the freedom to do what they choose in life and live out their desires, and not everyone has the privilege of contemplating what they want to do with their life. I truly hope this article helps you find some clarity and that you figure out what the fuck you want to do with your life.

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What the fuck should I do with my life? A step-by-step process.

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Who wants to fk right now

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