So bored as home

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This article has been viewedtimes. Being stuck at home can get boring. With nowhere else to go, it can be tough to keep busy or do something interesting. Don't worry—there are plenty of things you can do to fight boredom when you are stuck at home. You can try things like playing games with your family, watching a movie, making a snack, or even building your own pillow fort. You've got plenty of fun options to make a boring day more exciting.

Tip: During the COVID outbreak, a lot of online companies and sites are offering discounts or free trials on their subscriptions. For instance, programs like Adobe, Mango Languages, and Quizlet are offering discounts or free trials. Try taking wikiHow's Beginner Origami Course.

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Cookie Settings. Explore this Article methods. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Method 1 of Screen-share your favorite movies with online friends. Get some friends together online and use a screen sharing program to watch different videos and movies together. Programs like Netflix Party, Gaze, Watch2gether, and Twoseven can help you stay connected from the comfort of your own home! Pick a time to watch, then text each other while you enjoy the movie! Enjoy some funny videos on YouTube. Look for meme videos, video game play-throughs, reaction videos, or any other type of content that brings a smile to your face.

Twitter and Facebook are also great places to find funny videos. You may also enjoy watching funny videos or memes on video sharing sites like Tik Tok. This is a great activity to do by yourself. Use programs like Spotify or SoundCloud to make a variety of fun playlists for different occasions. You can also share your favorite songs with friends and family by using the share feature! Build some playlists of your own.

Try making a playlist for relaxing, working out, or reading. This is a great opportunity to hone your air guitar and lip syncing skills. Try a new video game to change things up. Video games can be the perfect way to make a boring day way So bored as home exciting. There are games for everyone, from high paced shooting to find-the-hidden-object style games. Whatever type of video game you're into, playing your favorite game can be the perfect way to put an end to a boring day at home. It's So bored as home a fun way to spend time with friends online when you can't leave the house.

If you like rhythm games, you can try osu! You may also enjoy titles from the Just Dance franchise. Search online video game libraries like Steam to see if they have any free-to-play games. Share some stories with your friends and family. Being stuck at home can be a great time to sit down with your family and have a fun chat.

Sharing exciting or funny stories with your family can help keep everyone from feeling bored. You can share stories of your own or ones that you heard from somewhere else. Feel free to talk about whatever you and your family find interesting to make the day more amusing. Method 2 of All rights reserved. This image may not be used by other entities without the express written consent of wikiHow, Inc.

Expand your horizons by learning a language online. Download an app like Duolingo to your phone, which lets you learn and practice a new language in fun, bite-sized exercises. For an extra challenge, invite your friends and family to learn a new language too, so you can all practice together! Take a personality test to learn more about yourself. While these tests can take a few minutes to complete, you can learn a lot about yourself once you get the .

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For extra fun, ask your family and friends to take the tests and see which they get. Search some well-known university sites to see if they offer any online courses. You may be able to enroll in basic programming classes or other courses that pique your interest. Study coding online for free. Try out different lessons, activities, and challenges each day so you can become an accomplished coder.

You can also invite friends to you on your code journey, if you want! Take advantage of free educational resources online. Look for websites or games that match your grade or learning level, then give them a try! Method 3 of Whip up a fun, tasty snack. If you are bored and stuck at home, you might try asking someone to help you make a tasty treat. Spend some time together making something you both enjoy to help fight feeling bored. You might both enjoy baking cookies, a cake or brownies.

You can try making s'mores on the stove-top. Blend up some fruit and enjoy a smoothie together.

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Paint or draw to let your creative juices flow. Don't worry, you don't have to be a trained painter or artist to create your own works of art. Painting or drawing a picture can be a good way to express yourself and fight boredom. If you are bored and stuck at home, make the day a lot more fun by creating some interesting art. If you're already an artist, set yourself a challenge, such as painting a river rock or learning to draw a horse.

There are plenty of other arts and crafts to try as well, from wet chalk drawing to sculpting. Have you ever made an infinity mirror or galaxy jar? Art is a great activity to do by yourself. Write songs, poetry, or stories. Spend some time journaling or jot down song lyrics to express yourself. If you prefer a different format, write some poems, So bored as home a short story, or even start a novel. Let your creativity flow onto the to fight boredom while home alone. Journaling is a great way to stay in touch with your own thoughts and feelings.

If you have other friends who like making music, consider making a song together! Invite them to send you recorded files of them singing or playing music, then mix all of your files together into a great track. Give your home a fun makeover. Redecorating a part of your home or room can be a fun way to fight feeling bored.

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Changing up the decor can also make your room or home feel brand new and exciting. You can redecorate as much or as little as you like, making your space one that you enjoy. You might move your furniture around to change how the space feels. Try taking things from one room and seeing how they look in another. You can also try making something fun, like a pillow or blanket fort. You could paint a picture and hang it up to give a room a new look.

Surprise your friends and family with a homemade treat. Look in your kitchen cabinets, refrigerator, or pantry to see what kinds of foods you have lying around. Don't settle for something pre-made or boring that you can heat and serve quickly—instead, try making something with multiple ingredients, like cookies, muffins, cupcakes, or a savory dish.

Just looking for something easy So bored as home delicious? Recipes like nachos and spaghetti are easy to make, and are big crowd-pleasers. Do you have a lot of general ingredients, like flour, eggs, sugar, and other produce? Find recipes tailor-made to the ingredients you have on hand by using websites like SuperCook. Plan your dream vacation with some friends. Sit down with someone else and talk about your dream vacation spots. Discuss where you would like to go and what you might want to do there. Feel free to imagine whatever kinds of adventures you would both like to go on.

Talk about what you both think your adventure would be like. Discuss some of your favorite things about the places you want to visit. You can get out some maps and have fun drawing your travel routes on them. It can be fun to use Google Street View to So bored as home on virtual walks of places you want to visit. Method 4 of Get up and dance around your home.

Dancing is a simple way that you can get in some exercise and have fun. Find some of your favorite songs, turn up the volume, and get moving. You don't need to know the moves—just dance however you want! You might want to create a playlist of your favorite dance songs. Come up with your own dance moves or learn the moves to a new style of dancing.

You can dance by yourself, or with friends! Kick things up with a fun exercise routine. Just because you are home alone all day doesn't mean that you can't get in some exercise.

So bored as home

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50 Things To Do When Bored At Home