Im lookingvfor a early morning bj

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Learning how to give a great blow job is essential to having great sex with your man. We all know men love blow jobs. But knowing how to do them right is something women have struggled to master. I'm going to give you a few tips on giving a great blow job to keep your man happy and make him coming back for more.

I have always been a fan of blow jobs, but I do have an oral fixation so it has come naturally to me. Many other women have oral fixations as well, which makes it easier for them to become masters at this.

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The best way to keep him thinking about you all day? Wake him up in the morning with a blow job, of course. Most men have morning wood anyway and don't have time for sex if they are like me and hit the snooze button a lot. Blow jobs can be very hard to master if you have a gag reflex. Plus, you have to worry about teeth placement and multitasking with your hands. With girls who want to practice on something else other than a penisyou can always use a banana to help with your gag reflex. Another trick? As you're preparing to give him a blow job, make a fist and squeeze your thumb into your palm.

If you swirl your tongue and suck around their opening of their external urethral orifice, your man will start bunching up very quickly. The head and underneath the shaft are the most sensitive spots. Make sure to use your hands, and always make sure you have lotion or oil to massage their shaft.

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Men love to have their balls sucked. There are thousands of nerve endings in their testicles, so don't forget to play with them. In the beginning, start at their balls and then lick all the way up the shaft. While you are sucking the head, take your tongue and lick up and down his shaft while pulling the skin up with your mouth. It's similar to you sucking his head, but just be gentle sucking the sides. Men can be very rough when they masturbate alone, so don't feel like you have to be too gentle with jacking him off, especially if you are using lube or oil.

There's the age old question: spit or swallow? Some women are so aroused giving their man pleasure that they have no problem swallowing. Save yourself the mess and swallow. It's quick and painless, and men think it's pretty hot, too. Now that you know how to give him a great blow job, give him some time to recover and then go for round two. Christy Goldstein is a dating coach and dating expert who can help you with all of your dating needs. Her blunt personality helps you move quicker through the dating scene. Contact her here. in.

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Im lookingvfor a early morning bj

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