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Impending bill from Republican Marc Roberts highlights growing movement at state level against government surveillance powers. Marc Roberts, a first-term Republican lawmaker in the Beehive State, plans this week to begin a quixotic quest to check government surveillance starting at a local level.

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Roberts is still talking with colleagues to find co-sponsors. The impending bill also highlights a diffusion of protest against the NSA more than eight months after whistleblower Edward Snowden began revealing the breadth of US and allied surveillance in the Guardian, the Washington Post and other news outlets.

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The hashtag favored by local activists: NullifyNSA. The logic of the Utah campaign is straightforward.

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Running the data center requires a lot of water — some 1. The Wall Street Journal estimated this to be in the range of exabytes or even zettabytes an exabyte is a billion gigabytes. Four other states — Kansas, New Hampshire, Alaska and Missouri — are considering a related measure to prevent the sharing of NSA-derived data without a warrant.

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The campaign faces unfavorable odds. The 4th Amendment Protection Act in Mississippi was referred to the state senate rules committee on 20 January, where it died on 4 February.

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US news. This article is more than 7 years old.

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Spencer Ackerman in Washington. Wed 12 Feb Reuse this content.

Women looking nsa Bluff Utah

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Tiny Utah-based ISP makes a name for itself by rebuffing government snoops