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Clicking his heels together,' he made a military salute' to the host. Or ders, sir. He's wanted at the armory, Jnirnedlately. Peyton, "by your leave. Judge,' Miss Mary and gentlemen all, I bid you good evening. Duty calls me. He obeys orders without f question.

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Well, sir, you and your company shall know and the world shall know what your orders are before the sun rises. WThere Is the armory? Gentlemen, we will wipe put every vestige of the north from our records as we obliterate the oppressors from our, hearts," he con tinued amid laughter and applause.

V "No, sir,"- said Colonel Peyton; "this is play. Judge, "I fear so. Meanwhile, before we go Jnto the drawing room, where I have invited the young folks to assemble this even Inc,' for a little dancing party, let us ail our glasses once more and put away from us all.

BRACE has several - staking -features, ; come in a. Peyton; "we are as interested as you are! Drink to her welfare if you love me. It is my hour. Perhaps I may apeak, though a woman. Let me substitute a toast, father. I know what our good, friendswould fain say and what they think. I give you the south, gentle men.

The south! He was pale, but determined. As he met her glance he unsteadily seized his own glass in a trembling hand, shot one meaning look toward her, and drank it down! Her heart almost stopped its beating at this evidence of his final adherence.

The colonel, who had "watched him with equal intentness, gladly exclaimed un der his breath, though more than ono heard bis words:.

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The u-wnan has done ltjxUastT. The action of the young man, whose hesitation, as. Havo I said well? Thank God! The long roll, eh? Let us see them! Mary Anhnga was quicker than the rest, and Boyd Peyton was at her side. Their fingers tumbled at the curtains and the fastenings of the blinds and tore them open.

In a moment the assemblage poured out upon the porch. They had sat unusually long at the table. Night had fallen the soft, deep Bemltroplo night with the 'stars blazing brilliant ly overhead.

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Out on the street the troops were coming. The lights from torches car ried by negro boys on the flanks spar kled upon the bayonets. As they drew nearer, the fifes ed the drums In that already popular song, "Listento the Mocking Bird. The entrancing strains rang above the cheers and shouts of the crowd. How handsome and myste rious the soldiers looked in the' uncer tain light! After the Mobile cadets came the German, fusileers, then the Independent rifles, then the Washing ton artillerymen and In the rear the J Light cavalry.

The old governor hesitated a moment and looked at her quizzically. The governor hesitated stillt but finally made up his mind. I have ordered them to turn over the arms to the military force of the state! It was followed by a burst of applause, but the drums and fifes were just op posite the railing now. The captain of the battalion took in the group on the gallery but a few yards away the gov ernor, the mayor, the women. A word of command rang out. There was a crash and claji ter of arms.

The light rippled over the moving bayonets as the men gave the marching salute. A great roar of cheers burst from the men and women surrounding the soldiers and then the troops themselves ed In the acclaim. Above it all rang the shrill notes of the fife playing the "Mocking Bird," break ing into the night with its passionate cadence.

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Quicklyshe tore the- shawl from her shoulders and flaunted it to ward the passing soldiers. And Bob Darrow caught her glance as he rode and thought it greeting for him. At MaryVs feet a small figure clad In. Are they going to shoot against the Nunited States? And the regiment swept on. T HERE was no dancing party that night. The action of the governor in ordering out the Pi! From a military point of view the expedidfin. But the moral effect of the expedi tion was tremendous. The election of deputies had plainly foreshadowed the secession of Alabama beyond perad venture ' as soon as the convention should be called, but no overt act had yet been committed by the state; there had, been no act of: hostility : to ; the.

United States, of" which Alabama sfill remained a part. This seizure of the property and arms and fortifications of the general government by a particu lar state was a flagrant open defiance of the authorities at Washington. Un less the action of the governor were immediately disavowed by the people through their representatives it meant War. There was, however, on that no hesitation anywhere. The approval of the governor's action as soon as it became known was well-nigh univer sal.

He had shrewdly taken stock pf public opinion and was entirely sure of his ground before he moved.

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In deed, from his point of view his action was soundly politic. If there was to be war, tho quicker the south got in pos session. The governor, with the pressure of anxiety and responsibility hard upon him, withdrew t shortly after the pas sage of the troops, and' the rest foly lowed his example In taking their de.

Peyton fortunately. Mary Annan'seyes shone like the stars above them Her white figure melted In the darkness about them. Perhaps it was that gave her courage. She was a creature of Impulse at best. She took her lover's hands in both her own and with an instinctive gesture of passion ate self.

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I knew that you would be true to us at last. Have you no kinder! Ah, sweet, I love you, I love your ;V She had released his hands and now, stood silent before him in sweet if helpless confusion. Emboldened by her silence, by the yielding, that spoke In her position, he stole one arm around her waist. She did not withdraw. She did not resist. She stood quite still. But her heart, oh, how it beat and beat! They were his own wonjs spoken a1 moment since.

As she lifted her face slowly to speak to him he bent his head further, and this time instead of her hair he kissed her lips. She yield ed' herself to his burning caress in a surrender as sweet as it was unex pected. He knew not what he had said or done.

All his thoughts at that moment were upon her. He had held her in his arms at last He had kissed her. She loved him. What else was there to know or to think about In the whole wide world? She had to come forward, though she shrank from It The conventions of her society required her to speed her, parting, guests. Mary Annan's cheek. She marked the glisten of tears upon the eyelashes and drew her own Infer euca. Her1 Bon. Fresh Eggs 16c a Dozen. C- -v. In order to protect 1 ourselves from dealers and to give every lady a chance to take ad-f vantage of this sale, we will not sell more than two pairs of one kindof Shoes, Rubbers or whatever it may be, to one customer.

And, lo, by it he seemed to have won - the dearest wish ; of his own heart also, if the older woman could look back Into the past and rec ognize out of her own experience the s of affection. Pey ton softly, drawing the girl to her and pressing a kiss upon her cheek, "I trust you have had a happy birthday. Peyton," answered Mary, and then, "Do women cry when they are very happy? She dropped her head on the elder woman's shoulder and her slender body shook with sobs.

Peyton, folding her gently to her breast, "no one can quite take a mother's place, but you can cry here on my shoulder; for that I'll serve. Good night.

Looking for a good man 28 Waterbury Connecticut 28

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