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InWilliam Smith women had curfews. Eleven p. It had been a pretty conservative campus. We had tea every Wednesday afternoon at Absolutely delightful. This was the atmosphere. April 30, Before Kent State and Jackson State.

Before the student strikes. We see mindless attacks on all the great institutions which have been created by free civilizations in the last years. Even here in the United States, great universities are being systematically destroyed. About two and a half years before the Cambodian Incursion, with the antiwar Adult looking nsa Geneva NewYork 14456 on the rise, a serious, outspoken, sometimes-histrionic young man was making himself known among the colleges of Central and Western New York.

A two-button tweed blazer, black tie, wild eyes and a serious crease in his forehead, beneath a thick swoop of black hair. He was young, but too old to pass as a student and claimed to be traveling under the auspices of his job as a salesman. However, his true mission, he said, was as an anti-war organizer with Students for a Democratic Society S.

He was known as Tom. Or Tommy. Or Tom Thomas. Or Tom Travis. Or Tom Traveler. Or, most infamously, Tommy the Traveler. In Augusthe started work for Shearing [sic] Corporation, a veterinary drug company in Northern New Jersey as a salesman. It is reported that Tongyai possessed unusually strong patriotic feelings for the United States. April 30,less than a month after the assassination of Dr.

Martin Luther King Jr. The NYPD moves in with teargas. More than protesters are arrested. Four faculty members, 12 police officers, and more than students are injured. After the Columbia protests and the violence on other campuses in the subsequent months, FBI field offices are given the following instructions:.

The most recent outbreak of violence represents a direct challenge to law and order and a substantial threat to the stability of society in general. The Bureau has an urgent and pressing responsibility to keep the intelligence community informed of plans of new left groups and student activists to engage in acts of lawlessness on the campus. We can only fulfill this responsibility through the development of high quality informants who are in a position to report on the plans of student activists to engage in disruptive activities on the campus.

That way you are so far from what they would expect a law enforcement officer to be, you can pretty well get in and start moving around. Democratic National Convention, Chicago, August Then the teargas, the riot sticks, the babyblue police helmets. The beatings in Grant Park. The National Guard and tanks in the streets. Wardell, who was in Chicago at the time visiting friends, saw it firsthand. Political leaders were being killed and urban areas were boiling over with injustice.

The world is a very different place now. Take over a building, blow up something.

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As president of the United Black Students at Hobart, I told him that that was not our agenda and we had our own plans. None of what he said made any sense and I just dismissed him as a wanna-be. According to the Associated Press story that ran July 13,he in fact is distantly related to Thai royalty.

His father, a native of Bangkok, Thailand, was serving in the Army at the time. Tongyai would use this distant royal connection many times in contacts with student revolutionaries, saying he wanted to lead a revolution of his own people. He turned up at Alfred, Wells, Corning. Days of Rage, Protesters in football helmets. Pipes, chains, slingshots, baseball bats.

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Bank windows smashed, smoke and teargas billowing on the Gold Coast, blood in streets in the Loop, while on the West side, factions of the S. In addition to the war, there were a of other issues that blew up with regard to the urgency about the changing world and the possibility that young men would be sent off to die. The war and the draft were absolutely fundamental in getting young people to think about all these things. A blossoming of student questioning and inquiry: How should we live? Who are you to tell me how to live?

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It was this intellectual, political, and social charge that prompted sit-ins, walkins, debates, and speeches. David Dellinger, a pacifist anti-war activist and one of the Chicago Seven indicted for rioting during the Democratic Convention, had come to speak on the HWS campus earlier that year. Tommy said he would provide the chains. Morrow said in a story that ran in The Miami News later that year. But at 4 p. I hope they stay away.

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A student accompanied Tongyai when he went to the News Bureau. Learned has reported having a very strange conversation with Tongyai. A conversation which was immediatedly [sic] reported to the FBI and college officials. In any case Tongyai was refused the pass, but he informed students at the sit-in that Beretta had given him permission to stay and that he was a member of the press.

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Many issues were discussed including removing ROTC from campus, but to most students it was a matter of forcing the administration to eliminate the program. Beverley D. Causey, Jr. At the April sit-ins, Tommy made the acquaintance of several Hobart freshmen, also discontented with simply sitting in. On Sunday, April 26, Tommy and five students met in a Sherrill dorm room to discuss, as an unnamed student put it in his Grand Jury testimony. Molotov cocktails are very easy, they are easy bombs to make evidently and this is what most of the radical students are bombing buildings with.

Throw a little scare into them. Show them what we can do. They are coming home. I promised to end this war. I shall keep that promise. I promised to win a just peace. We shall avoid a wider war. No one is injured. Sherrill does not sustain ificant damage.

About how he had taken these kids out in a field somewhere and taught them how to make the bombs.

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At the police station, Martinez recognized Tommy, who was supposed to be in New Haven, and when Martinez spotted him, Tommy ducked into a restaurant. Less than a week later, Tommy reappeared on campus, though by then he was banned. An argument followed when Martinez and Theismeyer confronted Tommy outside. That afternoon Martinez and Theismeyer went to the police station and swore out a John Doe warrant for the arrest of Tommy the Traveler they knew him only by his aliases. May 4, The 61 shots by 28 guardsmen certainly cannot be justified.

Simultaneously, a group of students were organizing a strike. None of us could vote. One a. Graduation is 10 days away. Tommy and about 40 uniformed and plainclothes police officers raid two dorm rooms on the first floor of Superdorm Rees Hall. Ontario County Sheriffs Department came onto the Hobart campus to make arrests for narcotics possession on information provided by Thomas Tongyai. During the apprehension of these five students, no person offered resistance or attempted obstruction of the officers. College officials had not been notified in advance of the warrants and the arresting officers appeared on campus out of uniform and in unmarked cars.

The students arrested on drug charges were escorted out the Pulteney Street side of the dorm and taken downtown. The students arrested on harassment charges were taken out of the building on the parking lot side, into an unmarked car. A couple of people saw Tommy and knew he was the informer and started yelling about him. When Tommy and Detective William Simon got back into the car, students mobbed it and blocked the exit, Adult looking nsa Geneva NewYork 14456 the police serve the warrant against Tommy and release the students.

We were staking our claim till the kids who were arrested were released. Meanwhile, several dozen police had lined up along St. He was dying to crack some he. This guy, Tommy, has been around campus for a long time trying to get people involved in all kinds of stuff. This is ridiculous. And they were listening, amazed by all the people there. In addition students could not understand why Tommy had not been arrested on harassment charges [stemming from the warrant Martinez swore a month earlier]. Now hours into the standoff, McKean, Causey, Berretta, DiGangi, Morrow, and Geneva Police Chief Thomas McLaughlin met with several student leaders in a Sherrill Hall dorm room, where, just before dawn, an amnesty agreement was reached on behalf of the arrested students.

An announcement was made to the crowd outside the dorm. The police cruisers, which had suffered minor damage, would be allowed passage. Tommy would be escorted away by another patrol car. For a moment, everyone breathed easy. They then told me to get dressed, which caused much debate between the police since I was on the floor handcuffed, and could not comply.

Can you help me bail him out? This was an opinion shared by much of the city at the time. By early JanuaryBennett and Sheppard were sentenced to eight and six months in jail, respectively, for their roles in the ROTC firebombing. Marshall, the jury acquitted the Colleges of all charges. The charges of rioting and obstruction brought against the students and Krause were also dropped. This grand jury finds that the failure of Deputy Tongyai to report his knowledge directly and immediately to his superior law officer constitutes neglect in office.

He was selected from a field of nine to fill a vacancy on the New Britain Township police force. After M. My father worked for counter intelligence in the Army. I sort of grew up with it. He drives a blue pickup truck outfitted as a Adult looking nsa Geneva NewYork 14456 blacksmith shop.

Adult looking nsa Geneva NewYork 14456

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