Journalism 2018: a selection of freelance writing projects for newspapers in South Africa

“Better a good journalist than a poor assassin.” ― Jean-Paul Sartre

Throughout the year, I’ve written stories for Sunday Times, Business Day and City Press on a range of topics. Have a look:

From corner shop to corporate: how a humble upbringing shaped an entrepreneur for Business Day

Hasiena Mukadam started her own business in the age of dial-up internet. “For my sins, it was probably the most interesting time in my life,” says the owner of Progressive IT Resourcing, a specialised recruitment agency. “You just hope someone doesn’t call you because then it cuts the connection and you have to start from scratch again.”


* * *


My spotty relationship with menstruation for Sunday Times

Women bleed. Yet, as with so many aspects of our bodies, we’re socialised from a young age not to talk about it.


* * *


“Move fast and break things” – Uri Levine for Business Day

The story of Waze is legendary by now. Levine and his co-founders decided in 2007 to create a traffic and navigation map through crowdsourcing. They started building it in 2008 and launched it in Israel in 2009. In 2013, Google acquired the app for $1.1bn – and Levine went on to found a PowerPoint slide full of startups: FeeX, moovit, FairFly, Zeek, engie, LiveCare, See Tree and more.

But the road to success was not that straightforward.


* * *


“Human life is not a commodity we should trade in” for Business Day

On Wednesday, 5 December 2018, Siemens and Business Day Connect invited industry leaders to discuss environment, health and safety (EHS) issues in industrial and infrastructure environments in South Africa. “We would not be here if we did not take health and safety as seriously as we do,” said Sabine Dall’Omo, CEO of Siemens Southern and Eastern Africa. “At Siemens we have a global standard for environment, health and safety procedures,” she said. “We call it zero harm – to make sure that all of our employees at the end of the day come safely home to their families and stay healthy within our organisation.”


* * *


All you need to know about fibre and Openserve for Business Day

We need the internet – fast, reliable internet – to work, connect with friends and family, and for entertainment. But more than that, the internet is necessary for economic growth and to propel society forward into the digital age.

For that, we need fibre.


* * *


How to re-imagine your employee experience for Business Day

What’s driving the change in HR?

Voller explored three macro trends that are driving transformation in HR: changes in the technology landscape, the way we work and organisations of the future.


* * *


Jemiketta!* Pretoria hosts the Changwon K-Pop World Festival for City Press

South Africa is home to a growing number of K-Pop (Korean pop music) fans, and it should come as no surprise.


* * *


Cashless is king: building a financially inclusive Africa with digital technology for Business Day

The emergence of digital technologies is driving unprecedented change across Africa. At the forefront is Mastercard, with its commitment to connect more than 100m Africans and 500m people worldwide to formal financial infrastructure by 2020.


* * *


Gautrain: the power of shared value for Business Day

What is shared value and how does it empower communities? Nompumelelo Runji explored this topic on Wednesday, 6 November, at the Financial Mail Private Lounge, in association with Gautrain Management Agency (GMA).


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September 11, 2018

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