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Adams had completed his legal studies under Theophilus Parsons in Newburyport the July and was been admitted to the Massachusetts Bar. Choosing to establish his office in Boston, the year-old struggled to gain Lowell Massachusetts surgical orney wives professionally even as he began to find his political voice. These activities found favor in Federalist circles. It was the first of four diplomatic postings Adams held. Neither John Quincy nor Louisa relished the demands of court life with its lavish social engagements.

After Louisa had several miscarriages, she gave birth to their first son, George Washington Adams in Aprilshortly before John Quincy received his recall and the family returned to the United States. This dual-mode option appears at the top of each entry. Check it out! And let us know what you think. The tool is still in its beta phase, and we welcome user feedback. You can reach us at adamspapers masshist. The Adams Papers editorial project at the Massachusetts Historical Society gratefully acknowledges the generous support of our sponsors.

Harvard University Press and a of private donors also contributed critical support. Thomas Young was an important member of the Sons of Liberty and a family physician of John Adams. Although he did not participate in the destruction of tea on December 16,he played a crucial role in rallying against the consumption of tea. Young wrote an essay highlighting the medicinal risks of drinking tea which appeared in the Boston Evening Post in October, He aimed to make the case that tea was really a slow poison. First, they could read the works of the Jesuit missionaries and other Europeans who had traveled to East Asia.

To prove his argument that tea was a slow poison, Dr. The MHS has a printed copy of the third edition of The General History of Chinawhich included detailed descriptions of the botanical and medicinal properties of tea. Young to learn about tea. Kaempfer did not set foot in China but had stayed in Batavia and Nagasaki as a physician for the Dutch East India Company in the late 17th century. However, Dr. The works of the armchair British and continental European physicians also provided ammunition for Dr. Young in denouncing tea. He cited the works of Thomas Short and Samuel Auguste Tissot to argue that long-time consumption of tea had negative impact on the health of the entire European population.

Both Short and Tissot did acknowledge that tea could render some people ill, but throwing harsh criticism at tea was not their original intention. Instead, they were interested in determining the medicinal properties of tea by situating it within the Galenic framework and conducting new experiments. Short, for example, wanted to use a series of chemical experiments to determine if tea really had the health benefits as claimed by many.

Robert W. Carrubba Carbondale: Southern Illinois University, After being stolen from her home in West Africa and enduring the months-long, deadly journey of the Middle Passage, Wheatley was brought to Boston, where she was sold to John Wheatley, a Boston merchant and tailor. She learned to read and write English, and to read Greek and Latin. She began writing poetry, translating her complex struggles into verse.

One of the things that I love most about objects is how they give us the chance to physically connect with history. I am able to connect with the history of Black struggle and oppression in the Americas in a different way than reading about the history of slavery.

In a time when Africans and African Americans were sold and treated as property, it must have been so powerful for Wheatley to have this piece of furniture—a physical manifestation of the freedom she had eked out for herself, and a place where her mind could roam free.

The desk itself is simple, yet so beautiful. I love its distinctive clawed feet, balancing gracefully on wooden balls. Being in the presence of a historical object encourages us to walk with Lowell Massachusetts surgical orney wives person from another time. Approaching a desk is a familiar experience for all writers. Relief, that she was walking towards one of the few places she could be entirely herself? Was her mind already so wrapped up in words that she rushed to it, eager to write something down?

How did she cope with her fears, her doubts? Yet Wheatley and I stand in entirely different positions: as a white queer person, I did not have to face the horrors of the Middle Passage or enslavement. The privilege afforded to me by my skin means I live in comfort, without fearing for my life or facing the economic and social inequalities that African Americans do. I have to grapple with that, too. Still, she wrote. She felt, and wrote, and made beauty out of suffering. It is a chilling full circle. Her child died soon after her own death, also from illness.

I wish you the best of luck.

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Keep heading to your desk or wherever you write each day. Get words on the. Try not to turn down the voices in your head telling you to stop. There are only new ways of making them felt—of examining what those ideas feel like being lived on Sunday morning at 7 a. Lorde, Audre. Paul, MN: Paragon House, Henry Louis Gates, Jr. In honor of Diwali we would like to share a selection of letters housed at the MHS that showcase the historic relationship between the people of Boston and India.

Before the United States became an independent nation, ships from Boston and Salem Harbor would depart on a regular basis for India to bring back much needed goods like spices, fabric, dyes, and other commodities. This regular and constant contact created an influential exchange of culture, philosophy, religion, and fashion.

The cultural exchange between the two nations is found in letters, travel logs, ships logs, journals and souvenirs. Bostonians went to India for various reasons ranging from commerce to curiosity.

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They often wrote letters back home to loved ones. Our first example is a letter dated 22 February from John Eliot Parkman. He wrote about his travels and excitement:. The house is about 3 minutes from town, almost on the banks of the river, and in the pleasantest place near Calcutta, we have a large garden and a tank in it almost as large as the Frog Pond, and beside these advantages two dogs and a billiard table. Mr Bullard who has just come down from up country is living with us but goes to Paris by the steamer, he has told me such stories about Delhi, Agra and half a dozen other places that I am well-nigh crazed and probably shall remain in that condition till my turns come to travel.

Ships full of ice cut from the ponds of Massachusetts would sail across the globe to ice houses in Bombay and Calcutta.

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Calvin W. Smith, an agent of the Tudor Ice House, sent many letters home to family and friends in Boston. On 2 September Calvin Smith wrote to his mother marveling at a nature preserve:.

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There were cows, buffalo, deer, Lowell Massachusetts surgical orney wives, mules, monkeys, sheep, goats, In fact every kind of an animal that came to be thought of except a pig. In a 24 September letter to Mrs. Andrews, Pandita Ramabai indicates that she will stop in Boston on route to Manchester NH, as part of a national tour. A group of Bostonians formed the American Ramabai Association, to support the work of Pundita Ramabai as she sought to create a home and school for child widows in India. Ramabai writes:. Andrews I write this to tell you that I shall be in Boston on 29th of this month for two hours on my way to Manchester New Hampshire I shall arrive in Boston buy a way of Taunton from Newport at 10 in the morning on 29th, and then shall have to wait nearly two hours in the city before I leave for Manchester I shall have to and to go the Boston and Lowell Railroad Station if you have nothing particularly to attend to I should very much like to meet you and have a little talk about our work will you come and meet me at the station where trains from Newport come in if I do not see you there I shall understand that you are too busy and cannot see me hoping that you are very well.

These are just a few examples of the cultural exchange through the centuries between India and Massachusetts found at the MHS. In our ongoing relationship our cultures continue to grow and learn from one another. We know that Bostonians may have experienced Diwali in India in centuries past, and we look forward to celebrating Diwali in Boston for centuries to come. This is the third installment of a five-part series on the Jarrett family letters at the Massachusetts Historical Society.

Lowell Massachusetts surgical orney wives

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