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WREN aims to be a collective force in identifying and reducing disparities that lead to low health and education performance indicators statewide. WREN recognizes that the health and education of women and children is crucial in order to ensure statewide prosperity.

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We advocate for policies that lower the barriers that families, predominantly women and mothers, face when accessing services, resources, and rights. Reproductive health is a strong focus of our advocacy and education efforts, and is supported through the Be the Voice campaign. Education is also critical Lady want real sex SC Olar 29843 enhancing the opportunities that women and girls have in our state. WREN advocates for affordable access to high-quality education, from early childhood development through post-secondary education, training, and certifications.

We work to improve the quality and accessibility of information that will enable young people to delay pregnancy, protect their health, and increase their opportunities. This bill would provide state employees with 12 weeks of paid family leave for the birth or adoption of. No one should have to risk their job or face financial loss when they need to welcome a new. This bill would provide equity in school lunches and protect students from punitive measures if they have accrued meal debt. This bill would authorize pharmacists to prescribe contraceptives, which can make contraceptive care more accessible and affordable by eliminating the need for a separate visit to a health care provider to obtain a prescription.

The removal of the tax on period products would alleviate the additional monthly expense of paying a luxury tax on a necessary medical product. This bi-partisan bill provides that non-profit sexual assault and domestic violence provider organizations are not required to disclose certain confidences acquired by clients during the provision of services to those clients. Certain exceptions are necessarily provided. This bill would provide earned paid sick leave to employees statewide. This dangerous and far-reaching bill permits any person participating in health care service to deny care to their patients for any reason, without a medical justification.

The health consequences of such a sweeping law could be catastrophic. This bill would prohibit transgender people under the age of 18 from receiving essential medical care and create a school climate where they are unable to be themselves.

The bill would make it a felony for medical professionals to provide transition-related care to transgender minors. Conviction could result in up to a year prison sentence for the medical provider. A nearly identical bill is pending in Alabama. This dangerous bill would ostracize transgender students from their peers by banning their participation in interscholastic activities that align with their gender identity.

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WREN is committed to ensuring that all communities live in safe, healthy environments with the resources necessary to thrive because health does not begin and end at care and coverage. Good health and the decision of when or how to parent are intrinsically tied to other conditions, including access to safe drinking water, adequate housing, education, safe working conditions, and living free from violence.

A lawsuit was immediately filed against it and as a result, a federal judge issued an order blocking S. This was a far-reaching bill drafted by extremist politicians whose goal is to eliminate all abortion in South Carolina. City of Women. Advocate StoriesPartner. We need people like you ing the movement, speaking out, and leading the way toward positive change. Donate Take Action. Home Issues Health and Education Health and Education WREN aims to be a collective force in identifying and reducing disparities that lead to low health and education performance indicators statewide.

Learn More. Partner Bill Confidentiality Bill S. Speak Out. the Movement. Take Action Donate. Stay Informed. Get updates on events and legislation you care about delivered to your inbox. Despite national politics and the climate of the south, it is heartening to know that WREN never stops fighting for what women and families need to be healthy, safe, and economically secure.

Lady want real sex SC Olar 29843

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Lady want real sex SC Olar