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A safety plan is a personalized, practical plan that considers both immediate and ongoing safety concerns.

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Safety plans address all aspects of safety… emotional, psychological and physical safety. They serve those who are living with or relating to abusive partners, who are planning to leave or have already left.

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You have survival skills and instincts that will help you maintain your safety. Do you need to improve the safety of your home by changing locks, securing windows and doors, installing motion sensor lights or security cameras outside by the entrance?

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If you are feeling upset, triggered, or re-experiencing the event is there someone you can call or visit? Safety planning. Do you have a safety plan? What do you need to feel safe? Do you feel safe at home? Do you need to move out of your home or get out of your lease? Do you need to go into safehousing?

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Can you confide in your landlord or neighbor? Can you create a code word with someone you trust to communicate safety concerns?

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Who is in your support system you can reach out to? Do you feel safe at work? Do you need to miss work in order to arrange your safety plan? Can you confide in your employer? Can you ask for an escort to your car or bus? What can you do if you see the perpetrator at the store, work, near your home? Can you tell someone you trust when leave and arrive at places? Do you feel safe to call the police for assistance? Do you feel your basic needs are met?

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