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Burge originally pleaded guilty to the charge at a December 30,hearing, however sentencing was deferred at the time so the state could look into the case.

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Advertisement — Story continues below…. Nelson told Burge if she took every parenting class available while in the detention center, he could lessen the sentence.

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Judge Nelson said he wanted Burge to pay the restitution instead. However, Terry said in cases like these, a stiffer penalty is needed. Officer Frisbee, said he was asked to participate in a civil standby because a young man, later identified as Jayden, wanted to gather his belongings from an apartment.

The kitchen area was trashed, dishes were left all over, feces and urine were on the floor and flies were flying around the kitchen.

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While Frisbee was talking to Burge, Jayden and his family looked for the puppies. Jayden and his sister Brooklynne Dufford, left with the dogs telling Frisbee they needed immediate attention.

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While they were gone, Frisbee was told three other adults were living in the apartment with Burge. Terry testified Jayden had just returned home after three months of basic training.

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As they went through the rooms, the trash, flies and stench was almost too much, but they were looking for the dogs. A video was played to show the condition of the apartment, it depicted feces, urine and trash all over the floor in every room. The kitchen was the worst with flies hovering all over the leftover food.

The family immediately left with puppies, after finding them emaciated in the bathtub. Angel, was in the worst condition and they thought she was dead until she moved. Maxie, the other puppy, survived.

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Maxie kept the milk down and even ate hard food. Brooklynne said they had Angel cremated, but they still have to pay for the veterinarian bills related to treating Maxie. She also said Burge had bought the puppies for her brother. After the testimony, attorney Allen said he was asking the court to give Burge a five-month jail sentence with one month probation.

Burge said she has a one-year-old son, who she given guardianship to her mother when all of this happened. Burge said she posted their photos on Facebook a few times to try find someone to take them, but no one would. Judge Nelson then asked her when did she first notice the dogs were in bad conditions. Burge said around December 15, Nelson was concerned about Burge having a small .

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He handed down the sentence of 6 months in jail and ordered her to pay the restitution. He then gave her stern instructions, by telling her to take as many parenting classes as she could while in the jail. He said she could then request a sentence reduction. This is a photo of Angel in the condition she was found. Article continues below Related Stories from Oil City News:. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by .

Woman for Rock Springs couple

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