Sick of sensual massage drama

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When you get a massage, your guard is down completely. The assumption that massage has a seamy, even criminal, underside clearly dies hard.

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The Orange County business and homeowners who organized to force Dynes out of business were hardly unique. The reputation of the field at large suffered accordingly when these lines were perceived as blurred. Today, as massage has ed acupuncture, yoga, integrative medicine, and even manicures and blowouts as widely embraced forms of self-care, the distinction between therapeutic and erotic massage is far more brightly illuminated.

Legitimacy has been hard won. Throughout the s, as massage grew in popularity, so too did scientific research on its benefits and a regulatory framework that today stretches to 45 states. The profession is often the strongest voice for stricter regulation, precisely to shed the association with sex work.

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If standardization and size are bulwarks against abuses that can fester when an industry operates under the radar, Massage Envy in is the last place an epidemic of sexual assault should strike. Like many entrepreneurs in the fledgling wellness industry, she had few established authorities to turn to. Today, the exploding demand for self-care services has not only driven professionalization and regulation but also the corporatization of what was once a scattered landscape of small shops. Like most large franchises, Massage Envy has a human resources and compliance infrastructure unfathomable throughout most of the history of massage, and yet it seems to have failed utterly in protecting clients from sexual assault.

On the contrary, the abuses at Massage Envy — and what appears to be its systematic failure to address them — raise questions about how safely and effectively big business can engage in the intimate realm of bodywork. The franchise model that has allowed rapid growth to keep pace with growing demand also decentralizes responsibility and lowers barriers to entry such that the immediate response to the allegations appears to have oscillated between incompetence and blame shifting.

So perhaps a faraway Wall Street firm — or an overstretched franchisee — might not be the ideal overseers of this embodied, intimate work. But this industry environment seems inexorable.

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Since the coincident booms in fitness and franchising during the s, this business model has driven expansion not just in massage, but also the rapidly expanding wellness industry at large. In the twenty-first century, these inherently physical pursuits — rare holdout realms resisting total digitization — are especially attractive investment prospects. As consumer and political demands for both bodywork and bodily self-determination grow and converge, this reckoning has urgency.

The yoga community, for example, has grappled extensively with these questions in light of recent scandals and its own equally complex histories of sexuality and power and apparently unavoidable corporate future. This article was originally published by Nursing Clio. Clifton D. Bryant and C. We are a non-profit organization, wholly supported by The New School, and by the generosity of our sponsors and readers.

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Sick of sensual massage drama

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#MeToo and the Massage Envy Scandal