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Local adult nightclubs that feature topless or nude dancing likely will continue to flourish in Clark County despite FBI raids and efforts to restrict where such businesses can operate. So say observers of Southern Nevada's sex industry. They say they see no end to the growth of adult-oriented businesses, which had their roots in the sexual revolution of the s and s and took off again in the s. The local adult nightclub scene found itself in the news again last month when the FBI raided two strip clubs in an investigation into whether owners Michael and Jack Galardi gave payments and gifts to current and former elected officials.

Federal agents also raided the City Hall offices of three San Diego city councilmen and another strip club owned by Michael Galardi in that city. No wrongdoing has been announced but the federal probe continues. Young's recollection -- though not precise -- was on target.

The July telephone directory listed seven topless bars, three nude establishments and two other businesses that advertised adult entertainment in the county. There were also 22 s of advertisements from female and male adult "entertainers" and escort services. The July telephone book listed 17 nude or topless establishments and had 48 s of for North Las Vegas sex meeting ads entertainers. There are now 34 nude or topless nightclubs combined in unincorporated Clark County and in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson, with applications pending for two more topless bars, according to public records.

The of adult entertainer in the phone book also swelled to s. UNLV sociology professor Barbara Brents, who has studied local sex-related businesses, said that the growth of the adult nightclub industry since the mids is not unique to Las Vegas. There is more sexualization in advertising. In the s we saw a real explosion in adult videos, in adult superstores and in adult-oriented things generally.

In most big convention center cities adult-oriented businesses have exploded.

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In addition to the growing popularity of sex-driven businesses in general, at least three other factors have fueled the growth of the adult nightclub industry in Clark County. One is Southern Nevada's rapid population increase. There were an estimated 1. Another factor is the addition of new megaresorts along the Las Vegas Strip. As the Strip has grown to the south, so has the adult nightclub industry.

Of the 13 topless clubs that have opened within the vicinity of the Strip since11 are south of Desert Inn Road. A third factor that goes hand and hand with the megaresort boom has been the continued popularity of Southern Nevada for convention business. Terry Davis said. After meeting with the Sun editorial board, Young said in a separate interview that he believed the sex industry has "taken advantage" of the growth in the convention business.

Las Vegas has never been shy about its Sin City image. That image has been reinforced this year by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority's yearlong television advertising campaign, "Vegas Stories. The rely in part on the theme, "what happens here, stays here. Another ad shows a sexy woman entering a limousine and flirting with the driver.

After telling the driver how much she loves the smell of new cars and leather, she raises the privacy wall and then reappears as a sophisticated businesswoman. While Brandvik said the hint of Southern Nevada's naughty side, she denied that they help promote its adult entertainment industry. Adult nightclubs are not the only places in town to see topless performers.

Strip hotels have also had a long history of providing adult-oriented cabaret shows, though that trend comes and goes. Within the last two years, the trend has been on the upswing. These shows have North Las Vegas sex meeting ads ability to be part of that trend.

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Southern Nevada's Sin City image began early last century with brothels in Las Vegas and in the county. The last of those brothels closed in but street prostitution eventually took over and was a common site on the Strip in the s. It wasn't until the early s that police made arrests of street hookers a high priority. Taking the hookers off the streets drove much of the prostitution business underground, and led to the emergence of outcall services.

These services began advertising in the Yellow s and through leaflets distributed to tourists. The presumption from police has always been that these services are fronts for prostitution, something the operators of those businesses have denied.

There are now 98 outcall businesses -- all based in the unincorporated portion of the county -- compared with just four years ago. But Davis, the vice lieutenant, North Las Vegas sex meeting ads the decline in that is deceiving because of a change in the county's licensing process. Instead of needing one business per outcall service, as was true inoutcall operators now need only a fictitious firm certificate and can operate "50 outcall services out of one storefront," Davis said.

The adult nightclub scene in Las Vegas, much like elsewhere, started out mostly with small, seedy-looking dives. That gradually began to change in the s and accelerated to the point where Southern Nevada now features some of the nation's largest and swankiest cabarets. So says Angelina Spencer, a Cleveland adult nightclub owner who is executive director of the member Association of Club Executives, a trade association for adult nightclub owners. Spencer said that only Dallas can match Las Vegas' upscale adult nightclub scene. She said the upgrade in the physical appearance of many of these clubs over their predecessors is not surprising.

The gentlemen's clubs today cater to all clientele. Young men and women, many of whom were entertainers, now own their own clubs. Part of the reason for the growing popularity of adult nightclubs has been an increasing of female customers. Spencer said that on any given Saturday night at her own club, as many as half of the patrons are women. The growth of the adult nightclub industry has occurred mostly in light manufacturing zones in the unincorporated county.

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Of the 34 topless or nude establishments in Southern Nevada, 21 are in unincorporated areas. Young said the increase in the of adult nightclubs also has increased Metro's workload in responding to calls, such as for solicitation of prostitution, which is illegal in the county. The fact that many of the nightclubs operate round-the-clock while serving liquor also adds to Metro's workload, he said. Davis said that Metro has made arrests for solicitation of prostitution within adult nightclubs since Some of those arrests occurred in areas such as "VIP rooms," where patrons can usually reserve private dances.

There are some problem employees and we spot check more often. I would say that 90 percent of the time that we go into these businesses we do make an arrest for solicitation. One problem with the growth in adult nightclubs, Davis said, is that it has often made it more difficult for vice officers to enforce other laws that also need attention.

There have always been accusations from critics of adult nightclubs that the industry has ties to the underworld. Davis said he knew of no such ties in Las Vegas.

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Spencer also scoffed at those accusations, saying that nearly all adult nightclub owners operate aboveboard. If you run a legitimate business, you have nothing to fear. When Lance Malone was on the Clark County Commission in he succeeded in getting the commission to adopt an ordinance to increase the minimum separation between adult-oriented businesses from feet to 1, feet, which mirrored Las Vegas city law. The day we North Las Vegas sex meeting ads in to these businesses I think our society will go down the drain. But after Malone lost his reelection bid inhe became a paid consultant to the Galardis.

He was not the first former politician to link up with the local adult nightclub industry. Mack is a consultant to Treasures, which is scheduled to open as a topless Las Vegas nightclub later this year. Mack also became linked to the Galardi probe when the FBI confiscated a videotape that showed the councilman getting a lap dance at Cheetahs, a topless cabaret owned by the Galardis. With the growth of the sex industry there has also been increasing attention paid to campaign contributions made by strip club owners to candidates for public office.

Young, who was elected last November, said that during his campaign "topless guys tried to throw oodles of money at me. It was unbelievable. While sex industry contributions still come nowhere close to the amount of money poured into local campaigns by the gaming industry, strip club donations have drawn increased media scrutiny. Eliades, co-owner of the Olympic Garden and Sapphire topless clubs, also said he does not worry about being probed by the FBI.

I don't want nothing from you except I need you to have your door open so if I need something to come and talk. We bring a lot of people to town. We shouldn't be trying to give a black eye to this industry until we see what took place here. When tourists hear all these things they don't want to come here. At the same time, Eliades told Ralston he didn't believe the FBI has a vendetta against the adult nightclub industry. He said the FBI had a right to go after businesses that violate laws by making illegal cash contributions to politicians, though he said he was unaware of any such occurrence in Las Vegas.

Eliades also said he saw no problem with Councilman Mack serving as a consultant to the businessmen who want to open Treasures as long as Mack does not continue that relationship once that business opens. But Eliades told Ralston that he thought fellow Councilman McDonald was "unethical" for serving as a paid consultant to Michael Galardi for existing businesses, an association McDonald has defended.

Without naming names, Las Vegas attorney Allen Lichtenstein said he believes some members of the sex industry have "a lot more political clout" than others. Lichtenstein, who represents adult-oriented businesses and also works with the American Civil Liberties Union on First Amendment issues affecting the industry, also said that "certain regulations that come down the pike raise questions" about whether politicians are trying to address legitimate problems or whether they are "just protecting favorite businesses.

One example he gave was when the county commission in August imposed a moratorium on adult business applications, retroactive to the month. The action had the effect of preventing the owners of an Industrial Road fitness center, the Sporting House, from processing an application to convert their business into an adult cabaret. The Sporting House owners successfully sued the county because they had applied for the change prior to the approval of the moratorium.

That location, Industrial Road, is now home to the Sapphire topless club, owned in part by Eliades. The September decision by the commission to increase the minimum separation of adult-oriented businesses from feet to 1, feet caused some skeptics to charge that Malone -- who had enlisted McDonald's help in drafting the ordinance -- was looking to help the topless nightclub owned by McDonald's friend, Rizzolo. Malone denied that allegation. Despite these controversies, Raymond Pistol, owner of the Talk of the Town adult nightclub and X-rated Showgirl Video, both in Las Vegas, said the extent of political clout enjoyed by sex industry businessmen locally is not much when compared to the gaming and development industries.

He cited the fact that adult-oriented businessmen have had to go to court to fight local government ordinances aimed at restricting the industry. You want them to take your phone call when people are messing with you. I've noticed overall that races are getting more and more expensive because of inflation, so it would stand to reason that to get noticed in the ocean you have to be a bigger island.

Local government officials continue to scrutinize the growth of sex-related businesses. Just last month the county commission created an adult overlay district in the area east of Interstate 15 around Industrial Road from north of Sunset Road to Sahara Avenue. The object is to contain the adult industry as much as possible within that narrow sliver of the Las Vegas Valley.

But Pistol said he viewed that decision as a switch from the commission's philosophy when it voted in to increase the distances between adult-oriented businesses in order to eliminate potential clutter, particularly along Industrial Road. Look at Atlanta and San Diego. They are both growing towns and their adult businesses are growing as well.

There are no reliable estimates on the amount of money generated by the county's adult-oriented businesses. Despite attempts by local governments to restrict sex-related businesses, they have shown their resiliency through victories in court. Lichtenstein said he wouldn't be surprised to see future strip club applicants attempt to challenge ordinances that restrict their potential livelihood. I don't think that makes a good impression on the public. Adult nightclub industry continues to thrive. Friday, May 30, a. Increase in calls Young said the increase in the North Las Vegas sex meeting ads adult nightclubs also has increased Metro's workload in responding to calls, such as for solicitation of prostitution, which is illegal in the county.

North Las Vegas sex meeting ads

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