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Hi there! Share Alamy images with your team and customers. Current lightbox. Live chat. Narrow your search:. Recent searches:. Create a new lightbox Save. Create a lightbox Your Lightboxes will appear here when you have created some. Save to lightbox. An elderly almost-toothless Hindu holy man in well-worn clothing holds a metal trident and smiles for tourists in Kathmandu, Nepal, in South Asia.

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A man having a cup of coffee on a rock by the water, Sweden. Two men on a mountain tour crossing a suspension bridge, Sweden. Globetrotting: Young stylish man traveller. Mythological scene: young man on a beach with seagulls.

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Lasell leaves. The querulous complaints of the old manin the wheeled chair ceased, as he listened tothe surmises as to what the next day wouldbring forth. Even the two veterans stoppedin the midst of their never-ending argumentas to the tactics employed at the battle ofBull Run, to tell stories of Christmas in camp. For it was Christmas Eve, and from everywindow of the big building would presentlyburn a candle to light the way of the ChristChild over the snow.

Tomorrow, there wouldbe turkey and cranb. A selection from the works of Lord Byron. A change came Lonely Ramsau women seeking men the spirit of my dream. The Wanderer was alone as heretofore,The beings which surrounded him were gone,Or were at war with him ; he was a markFor blight and desolation, compassd roundWith Hatred and Contention; Pain was mixdIn all which was served up to him, until,Like to the Pontic monarch of old days,He fed on poisons, and they had no power,But were a kind of nutriment; he lived THE DREAM.

Prime, in his book of wonderful interest, entitled Around the World,describes a tomb in India of marvelous architecture. Twenty thousand men weretwenty-two years in erecting that and the building around it. Meanwhile they stayed in the palace, haughtyand insolent, terrifying everjbody, in defiance of the protests of Ulysses infantson, now grown to be almost a man. The wanderer, coming alone and finding how things were, feared they wouldslay him ; so, disguised as an old beggar man, he went to the palace.

Like two innocent,happy cliildren, we were afloat in our tiny barkon the great sea of life, unmindful of the cloudsthat might hang heavy over us. Our heartsand souls were full of sunshine; and all wassunsliine around us.

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To my old home in the Blue Mountains wewere going. There we would have a home wherewe could grow and expand in the light andwarmth of love.

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A wanderer in London. Defoes tomb is here, with an obelisk overit, and here also lie Bunyan and Isaac Watts, and WilliamBlake and Thomas Stothard, two gentle old men who wererivals only in their painting of Chaucers Pilgrims; but onecomes out in the depths of depression and had betterperhaps not have entered. Opposite is a little museumof relics of John Wesley, whose statue is there too.

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