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She projects self-confidence and talks about coming from a family of strong women. In fact, the sex has been pretty bad — even demeaning. Now Orenstein ventures into what many may see as taboo territory: the sex lives of American teen girls and young women.

But as her book points out, many girls are sexually active — the average teen has first sexual intercourse at age 17, and three-fourths of all year-olds are no longer virgins. And, like boys, girls are biologically programmed to be curious about sex and to want to seek pleasure from it, Orenstein says. Her daughter Daisy was turning 12 and leaving girlhood behind. Her subjects ranged in age from 15 to 20 and came from different racial, religious, economic and political backgrounds.

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She specifically sought out interviews with girls who were in college or college bound. Her inquiries, unfortunately, showed that some of the horror stories were true, including incidents of sexting and cyberbullying and growing reports of campus sexual assault. She recounts how Audrie Pott, a year-old Saratoga girl, committed suicide after photos of an assault perpetrated while she was passed out drunk were posted on the Internet.

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Girls felt simultaneously powerless — and powerful — in other ways, Orenstein says. Further exacerbating matters is the fact that both genders increasingly rely on unrealistic images of porn to guide them in how women should look naked and how to perform certain sexual acts. Over 40 percent of children, ages 10 to 17, have been exposed to porn online, and 90 percent of college-aged men and a third of women have watched porn during the preceding year.

Once women get to college and want a social life, they may feel pressured to participate in a hook-up culture, where disturbing levels of binge drinking and loosened inhibitions take place.

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Girls, though, often willingly participate in hook-ups. Still, as Sam explained, that sex life may not be all that satisfying.

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There is one group of girls who are more likely to enjoy reciprocal sexual relationships: girls who are coming out sooner than generations past about being lesbian or bisexual and having relationships with other girls. Through their experiences in high school and college, young women learn how to build intimate relationships as adults.

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Show Caption. When Orenstein asks Sam about being a feminist, the girl tries to reconcile the contradiction. More in Things To Do. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by .

San Rafael sex oral ladies

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