Entertainment wanted while im in town

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Jobs for teens need to fit your life. That means they can't require lo of experience, have a rigid 9-to-5 schedule hello, schoolor—let's be honest—be boring. Never fear, there are good jobs for teenagers within your reach, right here on Monster.

First though, you might need to fill out some paperwork to be eligible for work, depending on the state you live in and your age. The U. Department of Labor website has lots of information on your work eligibility as a minor, but you can also ask your high school guidance counselor to point you in the right direction. Bonus: You can put these jobs on yourwhich can be part of your college application.

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Jobs for high school students are great ways to show admissions counselors that you've got the drive to succeed. Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and PayScale, Monster found 25 jobs for teens so you can start gaining experience—and put cash in your pocket. CPR certification may give you an edge. Find babysitter jobs and nanny jobs on Monster. On-the-job training will likely be provided to teach you how to prepare a bevy of beverages. Check out this sample cover letter for a barista. Find barista jobs on Monster. Find busser jobs on Monster. Be ready to answer questions via phone, messaging, and .

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Find call center representative jobs on Monster. There are many kinds of camps—wilderness camps, sports camps, academic camps—but in general, counselors help plan and lead fun activities with groups of. Find camp counselor jobs on Monster. Depending on the company though, you might also be physically washing and drying the exterior of cars. Find car wash attendant jobs on Monster. Find cashier jobs on Monster. Being organized and detail-oriented go a long way, too.

Find catering coordinator jobs on Monster. Find delivery driver jobs on Monster. Where there are diners, there are dishes. Find dishwasher jobs on Monster. Find dog walker jobs on Monster.

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You may also be charged with stocking and storing food items, cleaning duties, and light office work. Find fast food jobs on Monster. Check out this sample for a janitor. Find janitor jobs on Monster. Duties vary, but usually include mowing lawns, raking leaves, trimming hedges, and other tasks to keep a yard clean.

Find lawn care jobs on Monster. It's one of the most popular jobs for teens out there. Oftentimes, the organization will supply this training. Find lifeguard jobs on Monster. Find mover jobs on Monster. Find newspaper carrier jobs on Monster. Personal assistants can also act as helpers for the elderly, doing everything from running errands to yard work. Check out this sample for a personal assistant. Find personal assistant jobs on Monster. Find restaurant host jobs on Monster. Along with finding items and answering questions for customers, retail sales associates work the cash register, set up displays, and keep the store looking good.

Good organizational and people skills are helpful in retail sales positions. Find retail sales specialist jobs on Monster. Find swim instructor jobs on Monster. You must also be in good shape to keep up with the players. Find valet parking jobs on Monster.

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Want to get started today? A great way is with the Monster app. Let Monster help you earn some money and get some experience that'll come in handy down the line. Thank you! You are now a Monster member—and you'll receive more content in your inbox soon.

Search Career Advice. Jon Simmons, Monster contributor. Jobs for teens give you experience—and cash. Related Articles. Browse articles by Find The Right Career Path.

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Professional Development. Most Recent Jobs. Close Looking for the right fit? up to get job alerts relevant to your skills and experience.

Entertainment wanted while im in town

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