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November 23, The gist first went something like this. 1 : Hey Vance, based on your advice I went to Guanajuato…and let me just say you are completely wrong! Girls here are way more difficult than you claim. They are standoffish, impossible to get on dates, etc, etc. Up for it? I was about to rely to the secondreassuring the reader that, yes, sex is pretty easy to come by in Mexico. The guy who ed me reminded me a lot of a fellow I knew when I had spent time in Guanajuato. Anyway, Colby could not, for the life of him, meet women in this city.

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He kept lamenting about how much easier it was to get laid when he lived in Zambia for Peace Corps, how the girls were so flakey, etc. Meanwhile, my other friends and I were beating women off with both hands metaphorically speaking…. Colby was in better shape than me, better looking and had the same level of Spanish as me very basic. If you want to get anywhere with women down here, you have to adapt to the culture. For instance, when I was in Guanajuato, I relied mostly on bars and nightclubs for meeting women. Two things that I noticed right away were:.

I also knew that the town had a big university. I put it all together and figured that most of these girls were probably young students, away from home for the first time and thus new to the bar scene.

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Instead, he applied loud, obnoxious American-style game, drunkenly approaching girls and attempting to pull them in for a dance. Once they regained composure, they would politely decline and continue chatting with their friends. Me and my other friends took a much more chill approach. Want to meet Mexican girls today? Mexican Cupid is the biggest Mexico-specific dating site in the world. Meet Mexican Women Now! Sorry, I know — kinda trailed off there for a minute. But the point is the ONLY difference between me and my friends, who were bringing home one or two girls a week, and Colby, who only ever fucked a single mother during the entire three months I was in town, was the ability to gauge social dynamics and adapt to the local scene.

But Vance, this is true all over the world. In Canada, if you want to get anywhere with a woman in a bar or a club, you have to act on the aggressive side of the spectrum. I know, this runs contrary to most advice regarding picking up Latinas. In Colombia and Brazilfor example, being aggressive quite early on is necessary especially in the latter, Brazil. However, it surprised me to find out that, in Mexico, being aggressive out of the gate is much more likely to work against you, like what happened with our friend Colby.

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My advice is this. Never be the first to sexualize the conversation. You need to build a good deal of conversational rapport first, much more than you may be used to back home. Same goes for daygame. Build some quick rapport and measure her interest and THEN ask for the. Tinder is a bit different. Since the sexual attraction has already been established, feel free to proceed more or less as you would at home.

Try to at the very least kiss the girl by the end of the date.

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Social circles are important here. You have some friends who have some friends, some of which are female. You get introduced, get to talking, eventually touching and, well, you know…. If you want to meet women from Mexico, you will need to know a bit of Spanish. PickUp Spanish is an entertaining and informative course that teaches Latin American Spanish in a way that is geared toward meeting and dating latinas! Try PickUp Spanish Now! This should be an obvious one.

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Mexicans are extremely generous, and will often buy you drinks or give you free-reign on their alcohol if there is a bottle of booze at a party, it is generally assumed that it is for everyone to partake in. But it goes both ways. Every so often, splash out and buy the people at your table a round. Wait to make sure that others are contributing too. On dates, I believe you should always pay. At the very least, for the first few. But always dictate where the date will take place. Tailor your dates to your income and comfort level.

Being dark and brooding can work really well up here in Canada. But in Mexico? Not so much. To get anywhere with women here you have to have a fun and upbeat attitude. Be vague about the details of your life and work if you wish — it will build intrigue. Unfortunately, this type of dude often attracts yapping gringo-hunters — the more aggressive girls who have lived abroad and have been with many foreigners. They play less games than other women. Just have these tips in the back of your mind when you do your approach.

Want to chat to Mexican women now? Use Mexican Cupid — our favorite Mexico-specific dating site. Start Meeting Mexican Girls! Although any time of year is a good time to visit, I highly suggest going to Aguascalientes during the fair mid-April to early May. Another underrated city is Puebla.

Basically, Cholula is where everyone in Puebla goes to party. Morelia is a Wanna do a sexy Mexico city of a sleeper choice. Also, the nightlife can work to your advantage. Yes, there are still stuck-up girls, but on the whole, anyone is fair game. However, what makes this one of the best cities for meeting Mexican women is not quantity, but quality. Walking around the university is like walking on to the set of the sexiest telenovela ever.

In this Mexican city, girls seem to like guys who are tall and blonde. Here they do.

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Monterrey makes the cut for because it has tons of sexy Mexican girls. They are friendly too. Good news is that it is a lot safer now than it has been in recent years. Bad news? It is one of the most expensive cities in Mexico. Personally, I love it, but many folks do not. Even though it is one of its largest cities, no one ever talks about Leon.

You know why? Well, that is Leon. The foreign English teachers I met here all planned to stay for a just year. They never left. You can guess why. Mexico City is the best to meet girls in Mexico. No other place in the country offers this amount of choice. There are women from all over the world! Many even seem to be strong advocates of it.

But, if you want a loyal, cute Mexican girl, you can find that too. I recommend going out to a club in RomaCoyoacan or Condesa. Polanco is too pretentious and Centro can be seedy at times. Of course, there is no concrete answer to this — at the end of the day it comes down to the individual.

Mexican women are more likely to initiate an approach than Colombian women. Mexican women will not cockblock you as much if you hit on their friend. All this should leave you a pretty clear path for hooking up with Mexican girls. I personally do better with Mexicans women any other nationality in Latin America. North of Mexico — Both girls and guys are more aggressive. It would suit you to show your interest a bit more than in other parts of the country. Central Mexico — Play it cool here.

Just be friendly and outgoing when you first meet girls here. Mexico City — Like any big city, girls are more casual about sex here. One night stands are much more common than in other parts of the country. Unlike in the United States, Wanna do a sexy Mexico city rarely will a chica in Mexico respond positively to this. Guadalajara — Social circle is key. It is very hard to lone-wolf here. It is best to go out with a group of people. This is the Mexican city where it is most important to have some Mexican friends. South of Mexico — Typically more conservative save for the state of Veracruz, where girls are a bit wilder.

Building comfort is key. Make the effort to build a social circle that includes locals. Learn some Spanish to set you apart from other gringos. Want to date women in Mexico? Use Mexican Cupid. Want to learn Spanish to meet Latinas? Use PickUp Spanish. I live in San Diego and have had girlfriends in Mexico and other latin american countries.

They are quick to touch, hug, kiss, and everything else. Much quicker than white american women in my opinion. It just means they fall quickly and enjoy very organic romances. Took your advice Went on mexican cupid. Met a gorgeous lady there from Mexico city. Two friends accompanied me there. Her and I hit it off. Thank you.

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