Ponte de Lima but miss companionship

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The roman and gothic bridge has ed the banks of the Lima from two thousand years and it is our main attraction. Called Lethes — The river of Forgetfulness, by the Romans who believed that those who cross would forever lose their memory. The connection between this town and the river that gave part of its name is very strong and even today, we have to recognise the added value which is also an outstanding point for tourism and environment. Lamprey from river Lima is also highly appreciated and like any portuguese land, a popular and traditional codfish dish, here prepared salt cod with onions.

All of the delicacies accompanied by Vinho Verde. There are numerous restaurants in town serving these specialities, therefore an opportunity to try them in their place of origin should not not be missed. Escape to nearby surroundings and romantic outskirts, pack a picnic and explore the countryside and the fancy manor houses.

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The vineyards, treks and rural paths are great to relax. Twelve temporary gardens are on exhibition.

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Discover different gardens in different seasons. On the eve of Corpus Christi, in the late afternoon, thousands of people wait to see the cow guided by ropes around some streets and the river bank.

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People with their joy and spontaneity, their responses and spirit, their singing and dancing in any corner of the town, transform Feiras Novas into a unique event and a festival that is considered the "Largest live conference of popular culture in Portugal. Personal Area.

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Way of St. Description 1 - Long and remarkable history. Here, history and heritage are everywhere. In Ponte de Lima you can sense the close proximity of the river. Enjoy delicious local gastronomy, as "Arroz de Sarrabulho" a rice dish served with marinated pork. Gastronomic festivals, thematic festivals, populares happenings, sport events, cultural festivities… during all year. Beautiful landscapes, incredible and panoramic viewpoints. Vaca das Cordas could be called the most traditional tradition of Ponte de Lima, since the origins of this unique celebration are lost in the mists of time.

Feiras Novas happen over the second weekend of September when the hot summer sun starts to prepare its departure, as Ponte de Lima decks itself out for its main annual festival.

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Ponte de Lima but miss companionship

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