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My husband and I have always looked forward to our annual trip to Miami with great excitement. We have enjoyed the tropical feel of Miami, the warm air and ocean breezes, and the party vibe. But if we had to name one thing that we anticipate with the most excitement, we both would say it is our visits to Haulover Beach, the wonderful nude beach just north of Miami. From the first time we visited, we have been hooked on the exquisite freedom of laying out, swimming, and walking along the beach in whatever we want to wear, from the tiniest thong to being completely naked.

My husband did not hesitate the first time we went to Haulover and was in his birthday suit as soon as we arrived. I was more modest, wearing a bikini, or going topless. The beach is usually crowded with sun lovers of all ages and body types, with most people opting to go completely nude. Though I never told my husband, I did enjoy seeing the nude men, especially the ones with large packages. While my husband and I have enjoyed a wonderful sex life, he is lacking in the size of his penis, topping out at about 4 inches when rock hard.

His member is also quite slender with a small head and proportionally small balls. I have always worn sunglasses that allowed me to check out the men and boys in a casual manner. As our visits became an annual event, I became slightly more daring, wearing tiny string bikini bottoms and going topless. It was always exciting for me to prepare my outfit for upcoming visits. Mature for erotic nudes friend year I was very excited about my outfit.

I was going topless, of course, but this year I had purchased a tiny, purple thong bottom that only covered my pussy with a very tiny, flimsy patch of material. When we arrived and set up our spot, I could feel my excitement building. As usual, my husband was naked within seconds. I took a more measured approach, finally removing my see-through black cover up. It was always a turn on to feel the sunshine and ocean breeze on my nipples and they responded by becoming very erect.

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I strode around our area, loving the feel of my ass being exposed wearing only my thong. While my husband and I are both 57, I have worked hard to keep in shape. I have medium sized, still reasonably perky breasts, smooth hips, and a round ass, of my visits to the gym. Both my husband and myself could pass for less than our age. I have shaved my pussy Mature for erotic nudes friend quite some time. If I ever were to go nude, there would be very little left to the imagination. I settled into my lounge chair and began to check out the surrounding beach goers.

There was a large turnout that day with lots of men to look at. My husband and I engaged in small talk, as usual, mostly about the other people there. I noticed a small group of people, somewhat younger than us, who had set up their sunbathing area with a sort of fence of brightly colored plastic around the perimeter. The barrier stood only about 2 feet high, but it afforded them a slight bit of privacy, though people walking by could easily see into their little area. I commented on this to my husband and wondered aloud what was the purpose of their little fence.

My husband has always been very friendly and much less hesitant about approaching strangers than I. And before I knew it, he was up and walking in their direction. I watched as he engaged them in friendly conversation for a few minutes.

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I noticed their group consisted of 2 young ladies who appeared to be in their thirties and a man with dark hair, who looked to be in his early forties. Suddenly, the man who had been talking to my husband got up and he and my husband began walking back towards me.

I could feel my anxiety level rising as they headed my way. While we had gone to the beach several times, we had never really engaged anyone in conversations and had pretty much kept to ourselves. The man walked beside my husband as they kept talking. He was a dark, very handsome man who appeared to be of Spanish descent. He had thick, dark hair and penetrating dark brown eyes.

He was in very good shape, with well defined muscles. My husband is no slouch in being physically fit, but this man stood a couple inches taller and was considerably more buff. But the biggest difference between the two was what hung between their legs. The stranger had a thick cock that appeared to be about 7 inches long, though it was soft.

His balls ware also very large, swinging between his legs. I stammered as Mature for erotic nudes friend tried to respond, trying not to stare at his cock which was now only a couple of feet from my face. Not knowing what to do, I agreed to go and we moved our chairs down to their area. We spent the rest of the afternoon with them and it was very exciting, with much lively conversation. I was the only one not completely nude, but the atmosphere was very relaxed. I could feel the excitement building in me as I imagined how large it must get when he had an erection. It was almost comical, like a Chihuahua next to a Great Dane.

We learned that the man was a Miami native, his name was Carlos Rodriguez, and that he worked for a pharmacy company in the Miami area. I continued to be charmed by his accent and his compliments.

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When I turned over to sun my backside, he told me that I looked great in my suit. I could feel my cheeks blush as I thanked him. We said goodbye as the sun set and headed back to our hotel. I could hardly wait to get back to our room before I grabbed my husband and pulled him into the bedroom.

I had a crushing orgasm as he ate me and he came quickly when he slipped his hard dick into my very wet pussy. We showered and went out to eat, then retired to bed, tired from an exciting day. The next day my husband had a golf game scheduled with an old friend of his.

I had planned to do some shopping or maybe just lounge around the hotel pool. His friend picked him up so I had the car. I piddled around the hotel and read some, but I soon became restless. It occurred to me to go back to the nude beach.

Mature for erotic nudes friend had never been there without my husband and would never have considered it until the day. My excitement was building as I slipped on my purple thong, a tee shirt, and the cover up. My heart was pounding as I drove to the beach. Almost in a daze, I parked in the big lot and began walking to the nude section of the beach. I set up my blanket in about the same area as the day.

I felt slightly uncomfortable being alone, but proud of myself for not being afraid to do what I Mature for erotic nudes friend. As I scanned the beach, I saw what I had been thinking of all along. There was Carlos, again with his two young lady friends. They were again in their enclosed area with the awning set up around them. The short fence prevented me from seeing Carlos body, but I could tell it was him when he would sit up. Alas, I was sitting in an area behind them as they were closer to the water, so he did not look in my direction.

I became more bold, surprising myself again as I got up and began to walk toward the water. I acted as though I was going in for a swim and walked past their area. But Carlos and his friends were engaged in conversation and did not see me.

I had no choice but to go in the water for a little dip. The water felt cool as it ran over my skin and I felt more excited than ever as it ran over my erect nipples. After a few minutes I headed back to my blanket.

This time I was easily convinced and I quickly brought my things over. Again, we chatted and drank, and I began to feel very relaxed. After awhile, his two companions said they were going for a walk on the beach. They invited me but I declined, relishing the chance to be alone with this handsome man.

When they left, Carlos became a little more flirtatious himself. There I stood, completely naked on a beach for the first time, standing in front of a man who was not my husband! I laid there trembling inside. I had never been so naughty.

I saw that he had a bottle of sun screen in his hand. I rolled over on my stomach and lay there as he began rubbing the sunscreen onto my back.

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His large strong hands felt wonderful as he rubbed the creamy liquid onto my shoulders, back, and legs. Then he began to work up my legs onto my ass, gently massaging my cheeks and sliding his hands between my legs. I moaned softly. Gently he pulled my hip up and rolled me over onto my back. He squirted the sunscreen onto his hands and began to rub it into my belly. He slid his hands up and over my breasts, gently massaging each and rubbing my nipples between his fingers.

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