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I wanted to. My mind is taking all over me. Makes me think of things that messes me so much. If only i could have amnesia of certain events. I wanna forget. Maybe trying to push certain events away isn't the solution. Maybe learning to acknowledge them and accepting that they happened regardless of how they made you feel is the right thing Have ya ever just wanted try. Maybe you should try to accept them and realize that ultimately, you have control over your life, not them.

I know. Specially in accepting them. It was just a difficult thing to do. I've experienced a similar situation. Whenever I recall certain events, I do my best to distract myself. With reading, television, music, passions, hobbies. It helps you forget and If you do that often, with time, the events won't be the same. You'll see that you'll be able to move on regardless. Im trying. Yet my mind is so multi functional. Even in doing my favorite stuffs the things that bothers me are still there. They keep on going and going.

Thinking about them. What should i do about them. What should i dont. And it sucks. Have you tried looking into meditation? I find it difficult to do it sometimes but when I can, I feel invigorated afterwards. The purpose of it is to clear your mind. To think of nothing. To calm your emotions.

Maybe look up some videos. I tried once. I got bored. But thank you so much. But even with coloring or music don't stop. I try to journal but I can't wright as fast as my thoughts go. Hi ash. Before sleeping, please make it a habit to pray. Pray to have a good sleep, and to not dream of such things that messes you out. Things that happened in your past that is really funny, something that will make you smile. Actually, you can always do this everytime you feel alone, or sad.

But it is really good at night to avoid nightmares. Those things helped me a lot tho. And i hope it will also help you. I also felt before like nothing is helping me, but when i started appreciating my family and friends, hanging out with them, little by little things are getting okay. Do not be afraid to ask some time from your fam and friends. They can help you heal and forget painful memories by creating new happy and wonderful memories. Feel free to message me if you need anything. I believe in you.

Thanks so much, and I'm definitely going to start trying to make some Have ya ever just wanted your suggestions a habit. But alot of my bad thoughts stem from my family and child hood. Unfortunately I really don't have any funny memories. But I am finding this site very useful and helpful it was a nice feeling seen people respond to me.

Already I feel like I may not be alone anymore. Thanks for everything and I hope we can continue to work through things together. Always make them the center of your happiness. And if something that you watch on social media, tv or youtube that can make you smile please do so.

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Everyone here is willing to help you. Do not be afraid. Thanks Cactus Dan. Just a hug from them makes me feel better. But I'm definitely glad I ed here because it is giving me the adult conversation I've been needing. I hope that I can be supportive to those on here and you as well. You will be. If you need someone to talk to, i am here. Do not hesitate to ask for it. God bless. So sorry CactusDan. I know; I wish certain thought patterns and events recalled would cease to be and sometimes I wish I was gone too. Trying to not give the negative voices the power. Trying calming with things like deep breathing, music, whatever works.

Trying to keep good memories and make more beautiful moments by how I perceive, being as grateful as I can about the life I am living. Not giving up though. You are strong. Do more of the things that bring a bit of light and hope.

See what gives you motivation. I forced myself to sit in the sun today. I think I will force myself to do s sketch. Thank you starrlight. Ow yes. I do hope also. Cant wait for that day we will be both okay. I just want to feel normal again. To live my happy life just like what i used to have before. Yes i did. I always do.

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We do care, everyone here cares and sometimes not knowing how we feel is life's way of letting us restart and allow ourselves to find ourselves. Accept what has happened but learn the lessons from it and be above those events. Thank you so much stacy. Good thing is even we are all in the same thing, we still know how to appreciate each other. Im trying to learn it little by little.

Yes acceptance is definitely they key, and accepting where you are right now and being okay with that. Because at the end of the day, only you will understand yourself better than everyone else. And also, any time we are separated from something we are used to, it feels unsettling and unsafe, but it is also a chance to rebuild your self identity and core confidence.

I know you can and Have ya ever just wanted through this, feel free to message me if you want a chat. Take care. Yesn yes. So me Has anything helped you. I'm getting scared because I'm getting deeper into the depression n isolation I don't know what to do. Content on HealthUnlocked does not replace the relationship between you and doctors or other healthcare professionals nor the advice you receive from them. Never delay seeking advice or dialling emergency services because of something that you have read on HealthUnlocked. About Log in. Write. Home About Posts Members.

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