Confident college guy looking to cuddle

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Not sure what a cuddle buddy is exactly? Cuddle Buddy n : A friend or special friend who verbally or tacitly agrees to spoon and provide affection in the form of cuddling which is also referred to as snuggling. Not to be confused with dormcest or Netflix and Chill buddy. The key before you jump into bed with another warm soul is to make sure you feel confident about yourself. A great way to boost your confidence is to write down all your favorite activities. Then pick one and zoom in. Become active in the activities you love. When you focus on your strengths you project that strength to others.

Get ready to replace that pillow with the cutest cuddle buddy on campus. Cuffing season is all about starting fresh and finding that special someone to keep you warm during those cold December nights. Do yourself a favor and ditch the summer boy. Just like your tan line, summer flings must fade. Unlike the spontaneity of a summer fling, a winter beau should not be random. Taylor Hamerman, a senior at the University of Michigan, says sharing similar interests is key. Find someone you can bond with over food or music or movies.

Be available and open to a new type of relationship and new experiences. The cold air makes people want to hibernate. This means less physical activity and a lot more sitting around and eating. The on-demand service has endless TV and movie choices for you and a ificant other to enjoy during nights in.

Get ready to cuddle up and Netflix and Chill. Cuddling can be one of the sweetest ways to connect with your SO. Related article: Top 10 Schools for Netflix and Chill. Start off slow Confident college guy looking to cuddle progress with caution. Keep calm and enjoy yourself.

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A winter relationship can be much more intimate than a hot summer fling. Spending nights in together gives you time to build a relationship and actually get to know this special guy.

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Sometimes you can hold on to that winter romance. First off, blankets and pillows galore.

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On your bed, on your sofa, on that butterfly chair. Then create an atmosphere of warmth with wall tapestries. Here are a couple of our favorite des to spark warmth and create a total cuddle zone. Buy Now! By Noel Blackhall. Lonely, hormonal and single students nationwide are looking for someone to go cuddle up with on the couch for Thursday Night Football or someone to get tangled in the sheets if only for a night.

Who else can you depend on to make sure you feel comfortable and safe other than your bed? Take the leap and Netflix-ile her.

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Start, or binge until finished, a new T. Will your cuffed friends be able to say they broke their personal record for how many episodes of Netflix watched in a day? Plus, while they panic about the most attractive watching position and getting dressed up to stay inside, you get to relax in comfy sweats as you prop your laptop up on a mound of folded laundry on your bed. Say goodbye to all the snacks you ate binge-watching Friday Night Lights and stay warm by working up a sweat in the a.

After, you can treat yourself to a Gingerbread Latte from Starbucks—skinny of course. Your spring break bod will be ready in no time. Who needs a boyfriend of girlfriend during cuddle buddy season? Single for the holidays, so what? No boyfriend, no girlfriend, no problems.

Splurge on yourself or family members. What do Christmas caroling and watching Elf have in common? They require a taking a break from swiping away on Tinder during family time and really spend time with your folks. You can go home to your dog and bundle up like burritos without the constant pinging of 2 a.

Call up your best friend and plan a Confident college guy looking to cuddle trip together. You can sit back and talk about the best and worst moments of the cuddle buddy aka cuffing season. For freshmen, you can bond with your new friends over these moments. Upperclassmen on the other hand can remember the time you all fell asleep in the front lawn during a case race and woke up to a Snapchat from your crush of you drooling.

You may have kissed a toad inbut who needs a prince when you can transform yourself into a princess on your own? No one likes a Single Scrooge during the holidays.

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Brush up on some people skills this year and learn how to stay cool, calm and collected. You never have time for yourself if you always hideaway to FaceTime your partner. Reflect on yourself with some yoga or meditation. Your mom will thank you when you take a breath and count to 10 instead of almost taking her head off while the two of you bake cookies for the Christmas party.

You know you scroll through Pinterest daily trying to find the perfect DIY gift. This time, why not actually do it? Your friends will love them. Know yourself and know your worth.

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The most important relationship you should be working on is the one with yourself. Filed Under: Life. College Magazine is the national daily guide to campus life. Our articles for college students feature university rankings of U. Facebook Tweet. You May Also Like.

Confident college guy looking to cuddle

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