Shreveport for bads girls

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Doesn't Pat Nixon receive royalties from the films she made when she was a Hollywood actress? Sandy Drecker, Baltimore, Md. To tell the truth, Pat's chores as an extra in three movies "Becky Sharp," "Small Town Girl" and an early version of "Ben Hur" wouldn't have paid enough to cover union dues.

Was Pat A Movie Actress? V Isn't the Jerusalem courtroom in which Nazi chief Adolf Eichmann was tried, convicted and sentenced to death now a national monument? And were there other murderers executed by Israel? Irene G. A No "not before or after Eichman-n," tourist spokeswoman Gila Almagor Israel's most famous stage and screen actress told us. About the courtroom in which the defendant answered all questions put to him while secluded in a transparent, air-conditioned, bullet-proof glass booth, Miss Almagor commented, "That's a chapter in our history we'd like to forget, not perpetuate.

It is now a theater what it was built to be in the first place. Tyree P. A On the contrary.

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It helped spur the sale of his book, "Court Hustler," to the tune ofcopies. A new updated paperback edition in the works. Is this true? For more than a year, Puzo's been sweating out a new book. Working title, "Fools Die. I read where movie actor Ray Mil- land is moving to Europe.

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Does he say why? Mildred Belnick, Jamaica, N. A "I just woke up one day," the onetime movie idol said, "and realized Hollywood has become a graveyard. So I sold everything in California and I'm moving away forever. Jackson, Pensacola, Fla. A They didn't. Q Who coined the definition of a free society as "a society where it is safe to be unpopular? A The late Adlai Stevenson. If so, what happened? A After a vote of 50 nays and 50 yeas, Mays was finally admitted as the club's first black member by the skin of his teeth.

It wasn't long afterward that there was per cent agreement that Willie was one of the most popular and gracious gentleman members on the club roster. Q How old was Jim Croce when he died?

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What caused it and when? And what songs is he most likely to be remembered by?

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Vernon N. Sch mitt, Leeds, Ala. Jim was killed In a plane crash last Sept. Q I've heard that Boris Spassky is still bitter about losing his chess championship to Bobby Fischer. Will they ever play again? Rita I. A There's a strong possibility the pair will meet again in for the same world chess title. Incidentally, the magazine People reports that Spassky keeps Fischer's photo on the wall of his Moscow apartment. BoxShreveport, La. Marilyn and Hy Gardner will answer as many questions as they can in their column, but the volume of mail makes personal replies impossible.

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Shreveport for bads girls

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