Cover Reveal for Why You Were Taken by JT Lawrence

Cover Reveal for Why You Were Taken by JT Lawrence

JT Lawrence has revealed the brand-new cover for her 2015 futuristic thriller, Why You Were Taken! The author will relaunch her Amazon bestseller later this month.

Why You Were Taken’s new look … what do you think?

JT Lawrence

Cover reveal! Why You Were Taken by JT Lawrence

Why You Were Taken is Book One in Lawrence’s When Tomorrow Calls series. Book Two, entitled How We Found You, will hit the shelves in May, 2017.

Lawrence revealed the new cover in a newsletter on Wednesday. She explained what readers can expect from the new edition of Why You Were Taken:

“I’ve cut a couple of thousand words from the beginning of the book to increase the pace, and got the super talented Stuart Bache of Books Covered to design a new artwork for it (as well as the next two books in the series which are hot on its heels).”

About JT Lawrence

Since the publication of Why You Were Taken, Lawrence has gone on to write and sell even more books, including her memoir The Underachieving Ovary and the book that got this particular reader (and her grandfather!) hooked, Grey Magic. Not bad for someone whose debut novel The Memory of Water was released as recently as 2011!


More about Why You Were Taken

Author Paige Nick described Why You Were Taken as “a tightly wound and imaginative thriller”, while Michelle Wallace said:

“Vivid writing, well-developed characters and the author’s special brand of dark humour make this a must-read.”

The central character in Why You Were Taken is Kirsten, an edgy photographer “with bad habits and a fertility problem”. To get a real taste for the story, read an extract on Amazon:


Extra stuff:

As I mentioned before, my first introduction to Lawrence was through Grey Magic. Last year, I wrote a review on it for my blog, Reviews on a Train. My Gran-in-Law dutifully bought the book on Amazon. One day, her husband Dick picked up the Kindle and saw something about motorbikes. Dick, you see, doesn’t care much for books, but he really loves bikes, so he started reading. After a while, he realised that this book is not about bikes. It’s about a hip-and-tweeting modern-day witch, yet Dick kept on reading, and liked it!

Read my review:


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