In search of my sexy Lincoln

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Was the 16th president, actually, Hollywood-star hot? The limestone Lincoln appears shirtless and shredded, tugging at the waistband of his zipper-less trousers like a presidential Calvin Klein ad.

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The concept was grounded in the scientifically debunked concept of physiognomy. The complementary Greek concept of kalokagathiawhich conflated athletic beauty with an equally appealing soul, also supported this concept.

The savvy monarch knew that representing herself as a youthful, virginal beauty positioned her in line with divine figures, like the Virgin Mary or the Roman goddess Diana. Physiognomy was very much alive and well in America when the first presidential images were recorded. Lincoln aside, Washington is the other president who frequently receives the stone hottie treatment.

Another Washington notable comes thanks to Italian sculptor Canova. Imagining a political leader as a god was about more than just classical Greek aesthetics.

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That brings us back to Honest Abe—specifically, three midth-century statues of him. The early Eugenics movement also intersects with the movement. That meant to communicate a morally exemplary Lincoln meant capturing a physically fit Lincoln. Artist Charles Keck crafted the statue injust a few years after the Hansen completed his version of The Young Lincoln. In the statue, Lincoln's coat is even blowing open in the wind, supermodel style.

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'Honest Babe.' People Are Having a Hard Time Keeping It Together Thanks to This Chiseled Abraham Lincoln Statue