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Therefore I replaced the Trace App with the Dawn Patrol app and this it the top 9 list for now until I find another one. Before and during the process of developing my app, da Surf EngineI did extensive research and tried out a ton of surfing apps none of the games though. Below is a list of some of the best surfing apps, the top 10 surfing apps in my book, that every surfer should at least check out, and I would even recommend some of them for your home screen — if you are a true and techy nerd surfer like me!!

Of course I had to toot my own horn here and give a shout out to my brand new app, however I truly believe this is the best app in the travel category for when surfers are planning a surf trip and looking for new surf spots to explore and discover or have moved to a new area or perhaps are just new to surfing and curious.

The Surf Travel Planner app does this to a certain extent but has much fewer criteria to select from only by geography, consistency, and wetsuit type.

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I think da Surf Engine does a great job with keeping the surf spot stats succinct and structured and then you can link out to Google to or for helpful travel resources that we recommend. In order to search by all criteria, there is an in-app purchase component, but it is priced similar to the Stormrider Surf Guide app and you can still get all the surf spot info for free.

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Apps do have ongoing costs with hosting, etc. This is a brand new app that personalizes forecasts based on the best conditions for your respective surf spot! In addition, you can also follow other surfers and tap into their local knowledge as well. Availability: I believe this app in only available in some countries outside of the USA for now, so check out their Swellnavigator website and see for yourself!

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I use their current conditions directionally. I use other apps for free extended day surf forecasts like Magic Seaweed, however now that I subscribe to Surfline, I use it for directional forecasting as well. The super cool thing about the premium subscription now though is you can synch your surf sessions up with their surf sessions cam rewind feature and see the waves you caught without bringing any tech camera equipment to the beach.

Oh, and by the way, on the surf spot s of da Surf Engine app, you can also link out to Surfline to see the current conditions of any waves you may be searching for around the world if they cover the surf spot. Availability: iPhoneAndroid. It gives you a 10 day forecast for free, whereas Surfline only gives you a 2 day forecast in the free, non-subscription option. It gives you current conditions as well, but I prefer Surfline for current conditions, as they have the cameras at a lot of their surf breaks.

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Here I am tooting my own horn again — ha! There are quite a few profiles in this app but it does seem heavily focused on the California area right now. Again, this is another app that will become more useful as it grows and gets more users! There are several apps that let you log your surf sessions and input the stats of your session and what you thought about it. However, both the RipCurl Search GPS and Dawn Patrol apps, it is done for you automatically, just a few clicks of a button and all your actual surf session data is automatically recorded for you to analyze and share with others.

Apps have been around a while that automatically load stats such as miles ran or biked, etc. I find when using these types of products, it motivates me to surf longer and get more waves and push myself to ride the waves as long and fast as I possibly can.

The info in these apps also validates a lot of da Surf Engine info with some breaks definitely averaging faster and longer rides than others.

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The surf conditions for that surf sesh are also automatically pulled from Magic Seaweed. Availability: iPhone. For the Apple addicts everywhere, you can use your iPhone watch with this app.

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However this app does make it easy to just search for surfing video content and a hashtag like feature where the metadata of a video such as surf location, surfer featured, video length can be clicked on to see videos similar to that one by the given criteria selected. If you have some downtime and want a quick surfing fix, this app will definitely come in handy. And there ya have it, my list of my top 10 surfing apps. I always wanted…. Blog update — the easier places to get barreled now are often amongs all of the new wave pools cropping up.

But if you want…. Surfing has exploded since the infamous Gidget and…. Here at da Surf Engine, our goal is to fuel your stoke by helping you find your perfect waves all around the world. Nothing beats…. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Need a surf buddy

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