Do you need hep

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SingleCare savings are now available at Tops Markets! Search for your Rx now. Hepatitis A hep A is all over the news. Last month in Philadelphia, health officials warned of exposure at a Center City restaurant where a food-service worker tested positive for the virus.

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This year, the states of Florida and New Jersey have seen outbreaks of the condition as hep A cases continued to climb. Hep A is usually a self-limiting, mild disease, but it can be deadly, especially in the elderly or those with chronic liver disease. You can get hep A by eating food or drinking water contaminated with even miniscule amounts of stool tainted with the hepatitis A virus HAV. That can happen anywhere along the food chain—from growing food to processing and serving it. Hep A can also be passed by touching a surface soiled with infected stool and then touching your mouth, via sex with an infected partner, and from the exchange of soiled objects, especially hep A infected needles.

The good news: There is a hepatitis A vaccine. Do you need one? Despite what the increasing of hep A cases suggests, the infection is a preventable one.

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According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children are routinely vaccinated against the disease between 12 and 23 months of age. In addition to young children, the CDC recommends vaccination for anyone in a high-risk group.

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That includes those who:. The hepatitis A vaccine—known by the brand names Havrix and Vaqta —is made with an inactive virus and is considered very safe. The main side effect of the hep A vaccine is soreness around the injection site.

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Rarer side effects include headache, fatigue, and very rarely an allergic reaction, which can manifest as difficulty breathing, high fever, hives, and a fast heartbeat. Vaccination is the best protection against hepatitis A, but there are additional ways to safeguard yourself. With these steps, and the proper immunizations, you can avoid infection and help prevent an outbreak in your state.

You can save money on the hep A vaccine and other vaccines with a coupon from SingleCare. Search for a topic or drug. Should you get the hepatitis A vaccine? By Donna Christiano Dec. Top Re in Drug Info. Is Pristiq safe during pregnancy?

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Do you need hep

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