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Barkley on May 11, at M. For women in the Arab world, barriers can be anything from family, to education, to nationality. In Pillars of Salt, we meet two women imprisoned in a mental hospital during and after the British mandate of Maha, a Bedouin peasant from the Jordan valley was married to a resistance fighter named Harb. Um Saad is the wife of a prosperous butcher in the city of Amman, Jordan. The two women recount their lives and struggles leading up to detention in the mental institution.

Nadia and her husband Ihsan are Palestinian emigrants to the country, seeking their share of the oil profits. Born in in Fez, Morocco, Fatima recalls the struggles of the women around her as well as her own quest to understand what it means to be in a harem. Asya, the main character in the novel In the Eye of the Sun, is from an upper middle class Egyptian family.

Asya tries to understand herself and what she wants out of life, and struggles to develop her individuality while being a member of a society that refuses to see her as an individual. Society can be a obstacle for women in many ways. Religion, social class and wealth, culture and adaptation, and marriage can both create and deny individual freedoms. Religion not just Islam, but Christianity and Judaism as wellpromote a general distrust of women.

Women are often portrayed as witches, a title which has connotations both of alluring Beautiful women seeking sex Holyoke seductive, as well as ugly, vicious, and malicious woman. This distrust is basis for many other barriers that face women in the Arab world.

The element of distrust of women by men is also in part due to the realization of the pain and suffering that women go through. In Pillars of Salt, this is illustrated by the killing of a baby girl and the pain that the women of the tribe feel for the child: …when the first female child was buried alive by the tribe of Bani-Quraish. When the tribe was told that they had a daughter instead of a son, their faces turned black… It is that first girl child, killed in sin, that set the blood-feud between men and women. Her cry echoes in female hearts calling for revenge.

That's why no man can trust his wife, no Lord can trust his mistress. Faqir 3 Religion affects not only how people treat each other, but it also affects how women see themselves. In Pillars of Salt, Maha is very firm in her beliefs and desires to be a good Muslim woman. We see the opposite with Asya in In the Eye of the Sun. Asya commonly mocks Muslim and Arab tradition. Asya and Maha are also very different in their socioeconomic backgrounds. Maha is a Bedouin woman, while Asya is from an upper middle class family. Each novel covers a different socioeconomic background. In Pillars of Salt, Um Saad is from a middle class family.

In A Woman of Five Seasons, Nadia comes from a Palestinian family exiled from their homeland but she becomes very rich after her husband Beautiful women seeking sex Holyoke a successful company in London. The level and type of education each woman receives varies with the wealth of the family. Both Nadia and Asya received instruction in western style schools, and they both sought upper level degrees.

Even though Nadia never completed her degree, she retained her love of the arts and literature. Maha is never educated in school; rather she learns life lessons from her experiences and from the elders in her community. Um Saad and Fatima, both received limited instruction in religious schools run by their local mosques.

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The educations of Maha, Um Saad, and Fatima were not deed to produce a self sufficient woman. The hudad is the boundaries of the frontier. The religious schools taught women not to trespass these boundaries and assured them that as long as they stayed on their side of the boundary they would lead a happy life. Women also struggle with the conflict of modern vs.

There is great condescension in the Arab world towards Arabs who act western or modern. Innovation went hand in hand with ugliness and obscenity. Mernissi The impact of western society had very different effects on the women in the novels. For Maha and Um Saad, western influence has brought misery and incarceration. For Nadia it is a western woman who inspires her to take charge of her life. Asya is already fairly westernized. This is because of her upbringing and travels in her educational career.

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For Fatima, western culture is more of a curiosity than an major factor in her daily life. Marriage often times is not about love. There are examples in these novels of women who chose their spouse Maha, Asya and women who had no choice Um Saad, Nadia. Some of their husbands even chose to take second or more wives. Fatima laments: …a harem meant misfortune because a woman had to share her husband with many others. Unlike Ifaf, Um Saad did not have brothers or a father to stand up for her and to fight for her dignity, and she was doomed to be neglected for the rest of her life.

She bore her husband 8 sons. She was humble and followed directions. And she never refused her husband. Despite her misery, it was far worse to be a divorced woman. She was forced to stay on the outside of discussions and refrain from taking sides. A large part of marriage is the conception of children.

Women are supposed to get pregnant on their wedding night or very soon after. Asya, wanting to continue her education uninhibited, did not want to have children right away.

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She went to the doctor to request birth control but was denied access. The concept of not wanting children is difficult for most Arab people to grasp. Without the contraception, Asya becomes pregnant soon after she is married. Infertility is a cause of shame and humiliation for a woman trying to conceive. Maha experiences a stint of infertility. I was preparing for second year finals. After months of ceaseless worrythe doctor confirmed I was pregnant, andwe both relaxed. Nadia and Ihsan seem relatively unconcerned with their children and end up sending them to boarding school.

Virginity and honor are social customs in Arab society. Regardless of whether or not the woman was forced, losing ones honor is essentially the loss of ones life. Nasra now had no hope of getting married or having a normal life.

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She was nothing now. No longer a virgin, absolutely nothing. A piece of flesh. A cheap whore" Faqir In marriage, sex is considered a duty rather than a source of enjoyment and communication. Both men and women view sex mainly as the tool for having children. Even before she was married, Asya had sexual encounters that proved challenging to resist.

During a study trip to Italy, Asya has an intimate relationship with another student named Umberto. Although they do not have sex, there was sexual tension between them. Asya wanted to explore her feelings without losing her virginity. She came very close to losing her virginity on that same trip.

After a night of partying, Asya awoke to a man on top of her. She recognized him from earlier in the night. Umberto comes to her rescue pushing the man off, but the arousing feeling Asya got from the experience changed her forever. Asya wanted more than ever to be with Saif, even before their wedding. A void opened between Asya and her husband that would follow them throughout their relationship. Asya and Saif relationship resembled a platonic relationship more than it did a marriage.

Despite her resistance to Saif, Asya lusted after other men. Mario was in university as well and the two often spent time together. Asya found herself fantasizing about him. What about being afraid of the pain? Saif, for unknown reasons, insisted on lying about trivial things.

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He told Asya he had a dog, even though the dog died years earlier. He told her his bedroom was upstairs when it was downstairs. He said that his mother was tall and had long brown hair when she was actually short and had short black hair. After their marriage, things do not improve. And of course I sound stupid and hysterical. Does he even care? Lack of communication and understanding between men and women is prevalent in Arab society.

Lack of communication goes hand in hand with objectification, mental abuse, and physical abuse. In Pillars of Salt, Maha was subjected to all of these things from her brother. Filthy rat, ugliest woman on earth. Do what I tell you. All that would check the flow of insults and slaps was my father's long wooden stick. Then, Daffash would apologize and give me a packet of foreign chocolates" Faqir Other women in the community, especially the older women, facilitate the mistreatment of women by perpetuating such ideas as inherent inferiority.

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