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Paradise is actually an unincorporated town located directly beside Las Vegas. Many people have actually visited Paradise without even knowing it, as it contains McCarran Airport and most of the Strip. Other prominent locations include the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. Many people want to know how safe the whole area iswhile others are interested in particular parts of Paradise.

Below, our Las Vegas personal injury attorney shares her knowledge of Paradise, including important safety tips. Overall, Paradise has very high crime rates.

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Of course, Paradise is a fairly large area, and not all places are the same. If you are going to Paradise, you should consider whether the particular neighborhood you are visiting is safe. Security is very tight at the airport, primarily to prevent terrorist activity. Law enforcement is everywhere, so there is no reason to be afraid to land at McCarran.

It is typically as safe as any other airport in the nation. You have many options for getting from the airport to your hotel. For example, your hotel will probably have a free shuttle that you can take. You might also get a taxicab or ride the bus. Rideshare companies like Lyft and Uber can also pick you up at McCarran, though you will have to go to a deated area. We recommend watching your luggage closely at the airport.

You also should always keep your wallet in a safe place, such as a front pocket. If you need to get cash from an ATM at the airport, stay aware of your surroundings. Most of the Strip is in Paradise and not Las Vegas.

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The good news is that the Strip is one of the safer locations in Paradise, considering the sheer of people who are visiting. Casinos and other large businesses on the Strip take crime very seriously since a spike in the crime rate could scare people from visiting, and businesses on the Strip thrive on tourists. For this reason, it is generally a safe area to visit.

Nevertheless, there are persistent safety threats all visitors should be aware of.

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With so many people crammed into this space, auto accidents are a big risk factor. A person can be struck when crossing the street or driving. Traffic is congested and there are many distractions. To travel up or down the Strip, you are probably better off taking a cab than driving or taking the bus. If you do not want to go far, then you could also walk.

Realize the Strip is over 4 miles long, so walking is not realistic if you are traveling from one end to the other. The Strip also has a free monorail that travels between casinos, which is another great option. Traveling with multiple people is safer than walking alone and going out during the day is safer than at night. Nevertheless, the Strip is typically crammed with people, so criminals rarely risk a violent crime with so many witnesses.

Like all colleges and universities, UNLV has an active security presence. The university takes security seriously. However, statistics do show that UNLV has more reported crime than the typical college or university in this country. For example, College Factual notes that in UNLV reported safety incidents involving students either on the campus or nearby.

Roughly 4, colleges and universities report crime statistics, and UNLV ranked 3,—meaning, it had one of the highest s of safety incidents involving students. Nevertheless, the incident rate per 1, students was also quite high—higher than 2, colleges in the nation.

So UNLV was a little higher than the national average, even when factoring in its large student body. College safety is paramount, and parents sending to UNLV should sit down and have a discussion about safety. There is no doubt that alcohol consumption is a major risk factor. When intoxicated, students can engage in violent fights or fall prey to someone with ill intentions. Students who are intoxicated can take unnecessary risks, including driving while drunk.

Contact the university if you have questions about safety. They should answer your questions to your satisfaction about how they keep students safe. Las Vegas offers a wealth of transportation options for those visiting. There is really no reason to drive unless you want to. Instead, many people choose to travel using cab, rideshare service, monorail, or the bus system.

If you do drive, remember to lock up your car at night. Carjacking occurs with some frequency in Paradise.

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Do not leave valuables in plain sight, since that tempts someone to smash a window and steal. Instead, lock up valuables in the trunk or otherwise bring it inside with you. You might have suffered an injury in an accident or been the victim of a crime. There are certain steps you should take following the incident:. If you are too injured to take some of the steps above, ask someone with you to perform them for you. This is another important step that far too many people overlook.

A lawyer can help you analyze whether you have a claim for compensation. For example, some crime victims can sue a business that did not provide adequate security. If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident, then you could sue the at-fault motorist.

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The lawyers at Ladah Law Firm have several decades of collective experience representing people just like you. Whether you were hurt in a motor vehicle accident or a slip and fall, we represent your best interest.

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Just want to use my Paradise Nevada on you

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Is Paradise Las Vegas Safe?