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What is your favourite flower? Did you know that flowers have meanings and messages and it used to be quite common to send flowers to convey a specific message? I think that is very romantic! In fact one could even insult someone or even break up with them using flowers as your medium of choice. Find out who is compatible with you by their favourite flower or their birth month flower. Just like your astrologicalyour birth month also has a flower. Less than weeks to go and still wondering what to get that special someone for V-Day?

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Here are some of the most popular gift ideas this year;. Love can hurt. One of my favourite things to do on Halloween is to watch scary movies. It got me thinking about some cool, crazy, fun or creepy couples from the movies. Not even necessarily just the scary ones.

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So here are my picks for obscure, sexy, silly, or just plain weird costumes! You know the story…boy meets girl. The boy is incredibly cold-hearted and reserved, yet the girl, who is of seemingly modest background, manages to bring out the heart in him, in a short span of time. Then they appear to live happily ever after because the fade-away movie shot is of them laughing and kissing as the credits roll. No matter what you wear your guy is bound to think you look beautiful he better! So, before you go reaching for more maroon lipstick on date night, check out these non-man friendly fashion trends and get tips on why dudes will never get your style.

It used to be that the only places to meet a decent guy or girl were through friends or at the office, but thanks to the Internet and genius app creators, access to other singles is unlimited. Instead of sitting around waiting for your Mr. Right to appear out of thin air, open up your options and check out why so many people are using dating apps!

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Grab your best outdoorsy outfit and check out our guide on some of the hottest music festivals happening in Canada AND stateside this summer. Here are a few realistic acts of chivalry that should definitely be manageable for your man:. A couple QuestChat employees stumbled across this video The Economics of Sex created by the Austin Institute and we want to hear your thoughts!

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The video looks to present reasons why fewer people are getting married and why online dating sites are still at an all-time high. Give the video a watch and let us know what you think in the comments below. No menu ased! Category Trends. September 11, February 1, January 24, Cutie Cupid or Stupid Cupid? October 26, August 16, July 15, May 23, May 14, March 4, Blog: Is Chivalry Really Dead? February 13, Don't see your ?

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