Shy and attractive lady

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Today, men and women are under no obligation to be with a certain kind of person. They can fall in love with whoever they want and look for. When it comes to women, men have various choices but there is always a trend among guys to be inclined towards shy girls. The shyness of the girl ignites this particular and basic trait in men, and they love the feeling. Also, according to research, many men find bold and strong women emasculating.

They admire them at work, as friends, or as team players, but would not be comfortable to have them in the role of girlfriend or a life partner. However, falling in love with that very person is always an exception. Mysterious : It has been observed that men too admire a little mystery in their women and find them very subtle and away from everyone else who does not reveal much about themselves. A guy likes this challenge of getting a shy girl to open up to them over time.

As the girl warms up to him, he feels like he has won her heart, mind, soul and trust.

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Feminine: Guys find shy girls more appealing and feminine and they love it. When a girl is shy in nature then that is seen as a more feminine quality. No one likes girls who are loud, dominating or aggressive and men like women who are sweet and can be strong when required.

Truth is, they may date bold girls but will always end up with the ones they feel more like their ideal vision. : Love Sex and Dhoka! Are married couples stuck in paradise?

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Family: A guy is always excited to introduce his girl to the family. He can do that only when he is confident to take you as his better half. Shy girls have an innocent charm which can leave a good impression that will last long. Strong: There are many people who think that shy girls are weak and boring. However, they cannot be wrong enough because science says those who stay quiet and interact the least, observe the most. They may not talk much but they notice little things about people and tend to keep an eye on their surroundings.

They are stronger than you think. Irresistible: Men find shy women confident, assertive and very appealing especially the body language which includes, the delicate movements, the lowered eyes, timid smile and more, make an irresistible package to men. When you are in a relationship, being shy in nature can become your strength or weakness.

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Shy and attractive lady

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