You re a tall blonde Hammond transplant

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Following chemotherapy she had a relapse and needed a stem cell transplant. Georgie tells us what helped her through her transplant, including her time in hospital isolation. She also explains how she regained her body confidence after treatment and how blogging and her pet pugs helped her recovery. We hope you find this helpful interesting and informative. She shares her experiences of blood cancer and stem cell transplant describe. It's so great to meet you.

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Thank you. I'm really happy to be here yet. I had no idea what I was doing when I was diagnosed and. I use as my own personal diary and also I found it so helpful I could see. Did they cut it in stages or do they just shave it all. I think for me is I found my Instagram using it. I feel awful and that brutally honest and that's important. It's like a. So I'm guilty of it. I've gone out. It's not like.

They're doing so much so doing so much more than you know they're going out. There are some really tough times, but it's just showing a balance. I think absolutely and as. Don't need so. I'm on my own like a personal journey and so you've had more chemotherapy. I had a lot of friends who.

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It's luckily a. That's it. So when I went in for my 3-month scan and to get my. I was thinking right will sailing. It just. I think you can try and find the fun in it and try and. So did take me a while to pull my socks up and go. So those three months of chemo. I don't think you can fully prepare. I'm going to feel like this. I thought was going to happen. I could have it or pop around and there's only four and I got my stem cells back. So you'll get used to going to chemo either every two weeks or weekly but feels only for. Yeah, but when it's the stem cell transplant and they say look it's.

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I'm in at first. I'm thinking people can be coming in the room and I hazmat. I'm going to have turned out in your room lights. I'm going to block all of this. It's sort of what you're saying earlier. I'll do this bit. Was you going in another hospital doing your chemo then going home. Where is not confined to a room that. You're not going to be allowed out after the first few days of isolation.

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I thought. You can't really do much so most of the time. And I didn't want visitors. I didn't want to talk to anyone. I think that's definitely strength and today. I don't want to visit. I'm in my family were amazing and my pets a cuppa come up all the. Just to be there.

Yeah, it was my little spot. I needed my space and she was I mean and I live in an. So one thing I found. So when chemo chemo parties that have a family of four. I'm going to probably go crazy as you. This You re a tall blonde Hammond transplant it and I think if you can.

I looked a bit like a spoon. You lose all of your eyebrows and eyelashes. I am going to feel sad today, so don't push yourself out if you're. Take whatever time you need do what's going to help you if that's staying in bed for the. Just do it and then hopefully you'll find something. I feel low and then as you say you might. She got a form of lymphoma and I was ok. It's reliable you can take them for a walk that as a way to cope and I'm a big I think if you get. I really. I've been little so being diagnosed time does Thursday through.

It's going to change the meat. You know a lot of people that lose weight. I was weak. I lost my eyebrows it. Just Changes. I lost my identity and I. You know? I couldn't get an exercise? I didn't like my body. I don't like the way I felt and I so. I'm not take me hours trying to find an outfit because nothing matched my bald head that exactly. No body confidence and cancer and if I wanted to be involved with or. What have I ed up for I'm not confident in my own skin.

I can't see. I'm home. I mean all the crew. Love you the photographer Alex Hammond lovely. I thought it was terrible but they showed me the image and I burst into tears. Yeah, you know we're trying to evolve. I don't look in the mirror and just see that it's look at what your body is doing for you. I should be loving it. It's my home is trying to save me. It sounds like you had a huge mental shift of the as you said. I just hope that other people were able to see it.

They didn't like the way they look they didn't see them. So are you telling me that walk around naked no. This is you know how long you going to be in it for like you. You are very wise words so really what helps you to. I mean everyone is going to be. Yeah, so is someone nearby exactly. How awful the world is and how tall is just not away and I. I mean.

Speak to your hospital go to your GP. I need help and that is so impact on its own and. I like that like that. You ok now. I'm going to go read a book of Monday this but if. I really enjoy it. I am absolutely useless I like to think I'm one of. I haven't got the strength.

I'm tired walking up the stairs.

You re a tall blonde Hammond transplant

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