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In a generation overwhelmed by conflicting messages about love, lust and relationships, Moral Revolution is a company of radicals helping to define healthy sexuality. We promote a culture of love, honor, respect and freedom by providing resources that equip and empower society to live in wholeness. So what does self-compassion look like? It looks like accepting what Jesus says about us and believing that we are worthy of the compassion He so freely gives to others. When we take that on as Truth, we begin to look at and treat ourselves the way Jesus does.

For the believer in Christ, life abundantly is happening right here, right now, in this very moment — no matter what your relationship status. Step back, heal your heart, and trust that real love is worth the journey to wholeness. Cole Zick sits down with Ken Williams to have an honest conversation about the topic of gender disruption in today's culture.

Ken Dating married people Redding shares his story about what it looks like to walk in a changed lifestyle out of the realm of homosexuality and into the lifestyle Jesus called him into. His new book "The Journey Out" goes into even greater depth and is available today! The restoration of family and marriages will change the world, define destinies, and alter the course of history.

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The foundation of a healthy family starts with the culture, connection, and covenant built by the mother and father through marriage. As a d counselor, it breaks my heart to hear the myths and lies that Christians believe about depression and mental illness in general, and the shame that can be felt surrounding this topic.

We completely believe God cares and is invested passionately and intimately about our lives and speaks to us about our relationships.

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We also realize that there could be some other areas and beliefs influencing how you hear God. In addition, TikTok has partnered with top creators to make short videos that appear right in the app and encourage users to keep tabs on their screen time. These fun videos use the upbeat tone our users love while offering a suggestion to take a break and do something Dating married people Redding, like read a book. We were both the recipients of a legacy of multiple broken marriages and family breakdown. Everybody with a phone has a portal to porn in their pocket, and as soon as your kids have access to the internet is as soon as the conversation should begin.

Kristen has amazing resources that every parent, Christian or not, should have access to. Check her out! Dating married people Redding told you that you are worthless? Who told you that you had to look a certain way? Touching should never exceed the level of trust you have with someone.

Kids are curious about sex. Spoiler alert: this is normal and healthy. In an ideal situation, would feel free to tell their parents about what they heard on the playground or found on the computer by accident. From intimacy, to conversation, to protection, to emotions, sex is sacred and telling a story that is all put together to be worship unto Him. That path requires real repentance a change of mind and an environment that can facilitate life in Christ alongside self-knowledge, understanding of our past, perspective on our gifts or strengths, honor, dignity, transformation, hope… essentially, it requires the kingdom of God.

After watching a documentary that was basically a 1. Talk about pornography early. Talk about pornography often. Is it her kindness? Does he represent a really good caring dad to me - one that I wish I was or wish I had when I was growing up?

In this podcast Debra, Caitlin and Sloane dive into the common myths about purity culture and break the boxes surrounding them. Purity is not toxic, it is the shame, the isolation, the hiding. Perspective is empowering, before marriage, but also how it impacts us within a marriage. It is time for all of us to break out of the shame of our histories and step into the fullness God has for us!!!

Porn will give you an education, but it only teaches toxic, exaggerated, and fantasized lessons that harm individuals and relationships. And then it finally comes! Now what? Our sex drive allows us to connect with our spouse and create a bond for life. Damien Giacchino, who is the associate pastor at Real Life Church in Sacramento California and has his masters degree in counseling.

Damien s Caitlin Zick and Sloane Wilson and shares his story of how the Lord restored his life from living a worldly life to encountering the Lord and having his story be redeemed. During his pursuit of the Lord, he was given the message of the importance of not awakening love too early. If you want to hear more from Damien his Instagram handle is dgiacchino. Our hope is that as we create space throughout our days to talk about difficult feelings, our children will be able to more easily verbalize instances where someone makes them feel unsafe or touches them inappropriately.

Friends- do not keep this in the dark anymore. Go tell someone! The enemy wants us to believe that we should be embarrassed or shameful but thats not truth. The Lord died on the cross for ALL of our sins. Not just some - ALL. This is a normal thing women go through - don't let the enemy tell you that you are the only one. I would encourage you to find someone to keep you able in this. When you feel temptation coming When it comes to being a safe place, healthy communication is essential. Refuse to engage in disrespectful conversations. Bravely step into vulnerable conversations where you show the person your heart and invite an exchange of truth.

Listen well, seek to understand them, identify what they are needing, and help to meet that need.

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In a recent survey I conducted, one of the top 3 ways currently married people found their partner was thanks to the world of online dating websites and apps. All this to say, people are using online platforms more than ever before, and with the stay at home orders, the online dating world has seen an increase in s of people.

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Asyou were creating habits and building these connections at a faster and stronger rate than at any other point in your life. So, the earlier and more frequently you experience things like porn, abuse, and sexuality, the more these things feel like they are part of you. For some other partners, they may feel upset but not betrayed. Passionately created resources, books, devotionals, e-courses, and apparel to help you walk out healthy sexuality. Moral Revolution is on the road!

We are excited to be starting the conversation locally, nationally and internationally informing and empowering people in all areas of sexuality.

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Together we make a difference. Donations and support from people like you makes a huge impact and enables us to touch countless lives through the work we do. Plus, all donations are tax deductible. Back Upcoming Events Invite Us. The Latest blogs. Abram Goff. Moral Revolution. Debra Fileta. DatingIdentityRelationshipsMarriage. Don't Live to Get Married. Live to Live. IdentityDatingRelationshipsSingle. Ken Williams. Kris Vallotton. MarriageRelationships. Chris McKenna. Danny Silk. How God Restored My Marriage. Caitlin Zick. SingleIdentity. Cultivate God Confidence. Havilah Cunnington.


Dating married people Redding

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