Cocksucker for traveler this evening

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My wife and I are both professionals and have been married for over six years. Unlike her, my job requires me to travel during the week. Usually these relationships never get past the business stage, which is all right with me. I return to my wife on Friday night and everything is right with the world until Monday morning. However, that changed on my last project. The project was in trouble from the day I arrived and it required working long hours every day to get things turned around. One of the guys I worked with was named Mark, a consultant for another company, who had been on the project two months before I arrived.

He filled me in on all the problems and we became fast friends. Over drinks I learned that Mark had been married for three years and traveled just as much as I did. We talked about the pitfalls of traveling, missing planes and such, and how lonely it gets on the road. We both agreed that traveling sucked, but neither of us could afford to turn down the money. Clearly we had a lot in common. For the rest of that week Mark ed me in my hotel room, he had a room in the same hotel but on another floor, where we would watch the tube and unwind while consuming some adult beverage.

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Then Friday came and we both left town to our wives for the weekend. That following Monday we met back at work and picked up where we left off. Monday is always a long day and we decided to get some rest. We were somewhat caught up by Tuesday and Mark came to my room for a drink after work. He told me about the routine when his wife picks him up at the airport. She is so horny by the end of the week that she immediately pulls his cock out and starts working on it while he drives them home. He went into great detail about this routine and I found myself getting hard as a rock.

I tried to shift around to give my cock some room to grow without him noticing. He continued describing how she takes his entire length down her throat and sucks his cock relentlessly until he blows a huge wad down her throat. She then gives him a kiss and zips him back up. That all sounded good until he got to the kiss. We spent the rest of the night watching the tube without much discussion. However, my cock stayed rock hard as I thought about the blowjob Mark described.

No sooner had he left when I pulled my cock out and started jacking off. I came in record time making a mess in my hand. The next day was horrible with one problem after another sitting on my desk. Mark ed me that evening to watch some tube and have a drink. My day was so bad that my drink turned into drinks and I began to feel better. We have talked about it from time to time. She gets grossed out by the thought of having a cock in her mouth.

Well, he was right. I love my wife, but always thought her problem was unfair. The rest of the week was spent watching the tube Cocksucker for traveler this evening much talking. Friday came and we both left for home. I must admit that I thought about Mark getting his cock sucked by his wife as I drove home with mine. However, she and I did spend a great deal of time in bed having wonderful sex. I was really missing it by the time Monday rolled around.

We talked about our weekends and I did share with him my activities with my wife, but not in quite the detail he regularly used.

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I did notice that he was sporting an erection when he got up to fix his next drink. With fresh drink in hand Mark changed the subject to a guy he met on his last project which was in Arizona. Bob, like us, was married and traveled a great deal. It turns out that Bob and Mark became good friends while on the project and still ed each other occasionally now that they had moved on.

Mark downed his drink rather fast and fixed another. In fact, he said he jacked off every night before going to bed when he was on the road. He said it helped him sleep. Before I could answer, he had his cock out and started stroking it right there in front of me! So I let him. He started really stroking hard and then climaxed big! His cock started spurting every where. Worse, I could feel my cock expanding. Cocksucker for traveler this evening decided to get up and fix another drink before Mark noticed.

I was not used to talking like this. I mean it was almost like he was pissing except it was cum. It fucking went everywhere. Everything was soaked, his hand, cock, balls. Even his lap was completely drenched. He just stood up, and with cock in hand, walked to the bathroom and cleaned up. You should have seen the stain on his pants. We talked about it and he said everyone jacked off, especially on the road.

I had to agree with him. Except this time he asks if I want to him. He started stroking that cock of his and I just watched for a moment.

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It was a little weird at first, but then I started getting into it. I felt like I was back in high school or something. At that moment I had this mental picture of the two of them sitting there on the couch, cock in hand jacking off. I hate to admit it, but even that was making me horny. Those fucking bull nuts of his really produced some juice, let me tell you. It sounds crazy, but we both came buckets.

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By that time we had grown pretty casual about it all. I have to admit I was enjoying it. I am a happily married man and so was he. No harm in that, right? We sat in silence for quite a while and Mark made sure that once again this conversation was just between us. I assured him that I would not speak of it to anyone and he left. I was so glad when he did. My cock had been throbbing like mad since the beginning of his story and I had been hiding it the entire time he was there. He was right about one thing. I pulled my cock out as soon as the door shut and started jacking off. It just struck me as crazy.

There was no way I would ever do something like that. Before I knew it I was coming all over my hand. I tried to imagine what it looked like when Bob came so much. After tossing and turning it was apparent that I was not going to sleep. My cock was stone hard and every little move I made sent thrills through me. Even though I jacked off earlier, I grabbed my cock and stroked off again.

Cocksucker for traveler this evening

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