Book Review: National Park: New Beginnings, the last in Hinesh Vithal’s trilogy

Book Review: National Park: New Beginnings, the last in Hinesh Vithal’s trilogy

I started reading the National Park Trilogy two years ago when I was living in South Korea. Hinesh Vithal has just released the third book in the series on Amazon, and here’s my review:
Book Review: National Park: New Beginnings by Hinesh Vithal
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Rating: Delightfully dark
In the third installment of this delightful tale, Pantheera’s son Niol faces immense challenges of a personal and professional nature. National Park: New Beginnings takes place in the aftermath of the events in the first book. Busi has disappeared but her actions deeply affected the other animals: many believe that although extreme, her ideas that animals outside of the Big Five should be included in the Council are not as far-fetched as they sound.


In the National Park, nothing is as it seems …

Niol finds himself in a crisis of identity and faith; he has feverish dreams of his father and feels anxious about his expected role as leader of the Council. Following a violent outburst at a meeting, Dhinoo orders Niol to leave the area for a while to clear his head and decide who he wants to be.

As Niol prepares to leave, another conspiracy comes to light, one which attempts to overthrow the Council once again and frame Niol for the murder of the animal elders.

National Park Trilogy: a darker and grittier third book

There’s also a love story, a few familiar faces and a denouement that will leave the reader begging for more. This third book is different from the other two: it’s delightfully darker and poses interesting questions about animal (and human) nature. It also casts a spotlight on the serious environmental issue of rhino poaching.

Vithal knows how to make characters come to life. Each animal has a unique personality and worldview; and you find yourself rooting for your favourites yet sympathising with the bad guys.

The National Park Trilogy is a fun and captivating tail [sic] for readers of all ages. To be enjoyed with family, friends and other animal companions (just close their ears for the scary parts).
National Park: New Beginnings is now available on Amazon! Check out the preview:

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