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The Miami Heat ended up losing in Round 1 after a slightly disappointing regular season last year. After their Finals run inmany expected more. Defensively, the Miami Heat looked solid, but they struggled on the offensive end of the floor. Miami finished with a top 10 defense in the league. They were top five in opponent points per game and tenth in defensive rating On the other hand, the Heat were a bottom 10 offense.

They ended 25th in points per game In addition, the Heat have a of free agents to deal with this summer. If the offense had issues scoring last season, losing that many pieces would seriously hurt. Though the Heat could potentially have some cap space, they will likely use the majority of it to re- players.

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The bottom line is that the Heat need to score the ball more next season. With most of their money this summer going towards re-ing players, that scoring will likely have to come from within the organization. This begs the question — which current Miami Heat player could see the biggest leap in production next year? Miami Heat: Should a Collin Sexton trade be on the radar?

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Ineed somemiami heat

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