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If the dates for this course do not work for your schedule, see our Custom Guiding options. Welcome to the Volcanoes of Mexico — the perfect introduction to climbing at higher altitudes, or for the seasoned veteran, an easily accessible training ground for Ecuador, Denali, Aconcagua, and the Himalayas.

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Like many of our international trips to Europe, Ecuador, Chile, and Japan, the Mexico Volcanoes Expedition naturally balances the efforts made in the mountains with rest days spent exploring the local culture, enjoying well-prepared cuisine, seeing the countryside when traveling to the next peak, and relaxing in restful, pleasant accommodations. Our day itinerary provides ample time for acclimatization and a back-up summit day see the Sample Itinerary below for more details. Both Izta Iztaccihuatl and Pico de Orizaba have relatively small glaciers with easily avoided crevasses.

These peaks require minimal technical skill to reach the summit. This trip does not involve tent camping — all nights are spent in hotels and on-mountain huts except in the case of a potential high camp bivouac on Pico de Orizaba depending on participant acclimatization and physical needs, as well as mountain conditions. Pack weights are limited to lbs. This trip is one of the best values for those interested in high altitude mountaineering and cultural exploration. Day 1: Welcome to Mexico City! Your guides will pick you up at the airport between 12noon and pm.

Drive 3. This will be an early start and a long climb of hours. Izta is considered a difficult challenge due to the steep climb to 16,ft and then the long traverse across the summit ridge to 17,ft. Some say this climb, though at a less elevation than Pico de Orizaba, is a harder climb. The day will end at a hotel in the town of Amecameca. Wifi available. Day 6: After sleeping in and resting, you will drive 3. Along the drive, you will stop in the old town of Puebla to enjoy lunch and the baroque-style 16thth century Puebla Cathedral. Once at the hut, you will hike hours to 15,ft for acclimatization and return to the hut for the night.

The summit climb will be hours and will start early in the morning. After returning to the hut, you will ride back to town and your hostel. Day 9: Back-up summit day. In case of weather or team members are not feeling well, this day will serve as a second opportunity to climb Orizaba. If you summit earlier in the trip, this day will consist of cultural activities. You will end up at your hotel in Mexico City wifi available and celebrate your accomplishments with the team with a final evening out on the town. Day You will be dropped off at the airport by your guides or by a chartered taxi service.

Terminal 1, Puerta 8. Your guides will be waiting for you with a Colorado Mountain School as you exit the customs area. If we Only looking for Orizaba women a trip prior to its start for low enrollment, we will fully refund your payments. You will be notified at least 75 days prior to the trip. We recommend you confirm your flight itinerary with Colorado Mountain School before booking travel.

Expedition members should have good core strength, excellent Only looking for Orizaba women and cardio-vascular fitness, and the strong mental and physical stamina to move for hours with short breaks. They have sticky climbing rubber on the bottom and a formed fit to influence better climbing abilities while scrambling. Consider high-tops for additional ankles support if needed. Regular hiking boots or athletic shoes may be acceptable for many climbs. Neptune Mountaineering. Should cover the ears and fit under a helmet. Hats with fluff balls on top do not fit under helmets.

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Rab Logo Beanie. CAMP Piu 2. Sea to Summit Delta Camp Set. Only looking for Orizaba women waist belt should fit over multiple layers of clothing. Silva Ranger CLQ. Should be made with at least two layers of fabric. Your mask needs to cover your nose and mouth without large gaps. The mask should have ear loops or ties so you can adjust it. Look for a mask with a bendable border at the top so you can mold the mask to fit the bridge of your nose and prevent your glasses from fogging. Your guide will have an emergency First Aid Kit. You should bring a small kit including blister prevention and care products such as a role of athletic tape and Moleskin.

Your kit should also contain a few Band-aids, some Tylenol and Ibuprofen. Proper lunches that are prepared ahead of time are recommended sandwich, burrito, leftover pizza, etcalong with an assortment of snack bars, gels, or trail mixes. Feeze-dried meals are acceptable on overnight trips, but not day trips. Made in NatureThrive Tribe. These are instrumental when wearing crampons. They protect your softshell pants from getting ripped and keep snow out of your boots. Load with fresh batteries. Critical for hiking before sunrise and great to have in the pack in case you are caught out after dark.

Cusa Tea ; Alpine Start Coffee. Synthetic or Merino Wool; Worn against the skin and is considered a "wicking" layer that facilitates the movement of moisture away from the skin and through the layers. Hooded base layers add extra versatility.

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Synthetic; Thin gloves used when hiking the early morning approach. Belay gloves can suffice if full-fingered. Rab Vapour-Rise Glove. Synthetic or Merino Wool; Adds extra warmth and protection from the cold and wind without creating a moisture barrier as a jacket would. Having at least one base layer that is hooded adds versatility, protecting the neck and ears from cold winds. This is the workhorse glove and is most often worn on warmer days when mountaineering. Softshell gloves are water-resistant and durable.

They often have leather palms and fingers. Rab Khroma Tour Glove. Utilized in ascending or descending snow slopes. Ideal length is variable based on terrain and height of person.

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CAMP Alpina. Colorado Mountain School; Neptune Mountaineering. Waterproof, insulated, leather or synthetic boots. Two levels of boots can be appropriate depending on the season, conditions, and personal needs. These boots have rigid and semi-rigid soles so they climb rock well and are compatible with crampons.

Steel crampons with horizontal front points are ideal. Must be semi-rigid and compatible with your boots. They can be used as light beanies, neck warmers, and can offer face protection from the cold wind or sun. CMS Neck Gaiter.

It can be nice to have something clean to change into each night for sleeping in your sleeping bag.

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At minimum, bring a small Ziploc with toilet paper. Consider bringing a travel sized package of hand-wipes. Plastic helmets are more durable, but heavier. Foam helmets are lighter, but more easily damaged when carried in a pack. CAMP Titan. Sea to Summit Comfort Light Insulated. Great for taking photos and videos. Smartphone batteries tend to shut down in freezing temps - keep your phone in a warm inner layer.

A tether is ideal in the mountains to protet against dropping your phone. Water-resistant, windproof, yet it "breaths," which means it allows moisture to move through. Hoods are ideal. There are multiple thicknesses of Softshell jackets. A lightweight or medium-weight jacket is preferred. Fleece jackets are acceptable. Softshell material is stretchy, wind-proof, water-resistant, and resists abrasion. Mid-weight is recommended and light-weight pants can work for warm days. Typical thin, nylon "hiking pants" are generally not tough enough.

Rab Freight Cap. Julbo Shield.

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Fits over all other layers and is worn at breaks and on really cold days. Synthetic puffies are more durable, are easily laundered, and dry out quickly if wet. Down puffies are lighter weight, pack smaller, and provide exceptional warmth, but once wet, they stay wet. Wool and synthetic blends are great for long days on the trail.

Lining the inside of your pack with a heavy duty trash bag will keep the contents of your pack dry on rainy days. CAMP Backcountry. An altimeter is very useful in gauging progression of altitude gain or loss when climbing, and especially when visibility is decreased due to weather. Many Altimeter watches have compasses or GPS tracking functions.

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Bladders such as Camelbacks and Platypus are acceptable for above freezing temps, but only in conjunction with another bottle.

Only looking for Orizaba women

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