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Anna Stroud is a freelance writer and editor with a Bachelors degree in Journalism and Media Studies (Rhodes University, 2010) and a certificate in digital marketing (University of Cape Town / GetSmarter, 2018). She’s an experienced:

Anna Stroud Freelance Writer

How does digital disruption and new technologies affect financial services?

Anna Stroud Travel Writer

On learning to love kimchi and finding peace in Japan: travel pieces

Anna Stroud Books and Travel Blogger

Reviews on a Train combines my love of reading and travelling.

With over seven years of writing and editing experience, Anna is dedicated to her craft and committed to life-long learning. Contact Anna Stroud for all your writing and editing needs.

Anna Stroud is not only passionate about books, she is becoming a go-to expert on them as well – as a reviewer and as a person who intrinsically knows publishing and all that goes into getting a book into a reader’s hand. — Jennifer Platt, Books Editor, Sunday Times

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