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Presenting my blog, Reviews on a Train, where I write book reviews, travel stories and reflections on my life as a travelling bookworm. For a list of all my published stories in chronological order, take a look at my Professional Writing page.

This is My Story

Anna Stroud Writer

Anna Stroud Writer

My name is Anna Stroud and I love writing about books and travel. I’m a full-time storyteller, part-time traveller and a big-time nerd.

I earned my stripes in books journalism at Sunday Times Books LIVE in South Africa. In 2014 I won the City Press Travel Writing Competition for a story I wrote on my travels to Japan.

Since graduating from the Rhodes University School of Journalism and Media Studies in 2010, I’ve been travelling the world and writing stories for various publications on a full-time, part-time and freelance basis.

Why books and travel?

Reviews on a Train combines my love of reading and travelling. I believe that the ability to read deeply and thoughtfully is a valuable skill in our modern world of information overload. I also believe that good writing is being able to walk in each other’s shoes. That is why I aim to dedicate myself to these two subjects as important areas of research and meditation. You’ll also find occasional commentary on pop culture, food and other subjects that I find relevant to my daily experiences.

What can I do for your publication?

As a freelance journalist based in China, I am in a unique position to create authentic content for your newspaper, magazine, website or publication. I am mobile and brave, armed with all the journalism and travel tools I’ve picked up since graduating from Rhodes University in 2010.

I’m also a vociferous reader, and I know what readers want: stories they can connect to, anecdotes that leave them breathless and inspired. Stories that linger long after the telling has passed.

If you are in the business of telling stories that cut through the noise, stories that last, then I am the person for the job.

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